In Ohio

It has been a rough first week for Lisa and I here in Cambridge Ohio.  We arrived here on Monday and after practically causing the entire campground here to evacuate while we attempted to back our RV into it’s slot – we finally unhitched to the cheers of those who had gathered to watch the fiasco and collapsed.  I wonder if my “backing up disability” counts for some kind of compensation?  Our next campground will have to have ‘pull through’ sites or else we may end up in the Wal-Mart parking lot for three months.  I can pull our RV through Atlanta, Arizona and anywhere on earth – just don’t ask me to back up.

Apparently one of the things we did not realize we had packed with us from Owensboro was a flu bug that our son and Lisa’s brother had contracted while we were with them before leaving.  It hit me first Monday night and I am still not completely recovered three days later.  Lisa has now got what appears to be a slightly different version and (hopefully) not as severe.  After waiting for all the lab work, police reports from every state she has worked and enough paperwork to make Tolstoy blush – she finally made into work this afternoon (Friday) and at least can get some of her orientation completed before getting a fresh start Monday morning – we hope.  After rushing to get here to have her fingers printed on Tuesday – it has been what my mom often called “hurry up and wait”.  Sounds like a government job to me.

Cambridge reminds us of Hanover/Gettysburg Pennsylvania where we stayed back in 2012 for five months.  The town is small but charming and has plenty of everything we really need – restaurants, groceries, fuel and (of course) a Wal-Mart.  We are hoping to get back to Gettysburg which is about five hours east of us to visit with friends from our stay there.  It is great being just six hours from home and we know if our need to see our grandson gets too intense – we can just drive home.

Lisa is looking forward to checking out Cambridge glass – which was made here years ago and is famous in the area.  Much like Hanover there are plenty of antique stores and an extensive Amish community just north of us that we hope to check out soon.  In the meantime we just look forward to feeling better and finding out what it is like being a Buckeye.

Take Care!  Steve and Lisa


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