When Things Don’t Feel Right

In all the places where Lisa and I have traveled with her job – there has not been an opportunity come along that we did not feel genuinely excited about.  We were thrilled to learn about her first placement in Hanover, Pennsylvania – just thirty minutes from Gettysburg – and we even looked forward to the long trips west to Loma Linda, California and Kingman Arizona.  But this past week that good feeling could not be found.  In the words of Barry Manilow – we looked high, low and everywhere in between – just trying to get the feeling again.

After two months we were beginning to get a little anxious for her next assignment and were ready to accept about anything that came along.  Almost anything.  A call came in on Thursday this past week that a three week job came open in Oklahoma and the job was here if she wanted it.  We researched the area and talked about it.  We then researched a little more and talked a little more.  Then something very unusual happened.  We both said we did not want to go.  Something just did not feel right about this and though we needed the work – we were willing to wait for something better.  Let me repeat – we were willing to wait for something better.

The next day Lisa received a call from a hospital in Cambridge Ohio and by the time the hour long phone interview ended – she was offered a thirteen week job at a place just six hours from home.  And this time – we both were feeling good about it.

I don’t always trust my feelings.  It has served me well to ignore my emotions when making a decision and instead weigh all the facts.  In the case of the job in Oklahoma there was really no reason to turn down the offer but the strong negative feeling we both experienced was enough to rely on.  As it turned out our feelings led us to this place in Ohio and after arriving last night, we have high hopes that this will be a really good place to spend the summer.

We know very little about Cambridge – other than it is the birthplace of John Glenn.  We will learn more about the area in the coming weeks and will continue to blog our newest adventures.  We feel blessed to have so many read about our travels and encourage us from one assignment to another.  That really makes us feel good.

Love, Steve and Lisa



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