A Long First Week

One week down here in Ohio and one Lisa and I are glad is over.  After waiting for paperwork to be completed Lisa was finally cleared to begin work this past Friday and was met with a warm welcome from the director of her department.  And no wonder.  The girl she was to be working with quit the day before and as of right now Lisa is the only Echo-Tech at the hospital.  It looks like thirteen weeks may have just turned into twenty-six.  Dealing with all that was not easy – especially since she has been sick with an upper respiratory infection.  But she has soldiered on and is hoping to survive this first full week.  We both have learned that the first couple of weeks in a new place is the hardest adjustment and being sick makes that almost unbearable.  My stomach bug and her respiratory problems have made us very unhappy campers.

It has been interesting watching Lisa prove how good she is at her job and when doctors start questioning her ability they quickly find out she knows what she is doing and in some cases knows much more about ultra-sound than the doctors.  This happened yesterday after Lisa was warned that one of the Cardiologists would challenge her at every turn but – she should stand her ground.  No problem.  Lisa’s southern charm combined with nearly thirty years of experience disarmed the doctor in rapid order and when Lisa explained some of the places she had worked including Atlanta and Loma Linda, California – game over.  This ain’t her first rodeo.

So people are nice but not ‘out of their way nice’ here in Ohio.  We find it much like our experience with people in Pennsylvania.  But it makes it fairly easy to connect with people who seem to love (even need) southern hospitality.  I predict people will be in tears when Lisa leaves this place – I know her too well and soon many others will.  Her track record speaks for itself.

Love, Steve and Lisa





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