Update: Lisa and I will start home on Thursday March 28th after she is done with work and we will try to get to Flagstaff Ar. On Friday our goal is to get to Oklahoma City and then be in Owensboro Saturday night (Easter Eve).  We have to move out of our apartment this Sunday and will spend the last week and a half at the Loma Linda Inn which is just around the corner.  It is essentially a hotel room – but we will make do.  We are excited to get home and spend time in Owensboro before Lisa’s next assignment – wherever and whenever that will be.

We have lived through some really bad weather situations in our lives – a couple of tornadoes, severe ice storms, and many high wind thunder storms come to mind.  Now we can add “earthquake” to that list.  In fact there have been five minor earthquakes felt here in Loma Linda in the four months we have been here – four in the last three weeks.  Lisa thought I had fallen out of bed last night only to realize it was yet another earthquake.  Fortunately – they have all been minor (5.2 or less) but have been enough to shake us up.

People who have lived in California seem to pay very little attention to earthquakes.  I would assume they blow them off about the way people at home ignore tornado watches.  But I am not gonna lie – these earthquakes scare the bejesus out of me.  There is something unnaturally powerful about the sound and reverberations earthquakes cause.  I can now fully appreciate their severity and understand their potential devastation.  No wonder places like Haiti were so decimated by the power of an earthquake.

Where once the drill was to get under a desk or something sturdy, now they tell everyone to exit any building during an earthquake and to be on guard for possible aftershocks.   So I have spent time running down our steps to get outside our apartment and have it down to about six seconds.  In recent days there have been some forecasting a bigger earthquake is possible – especially in the next seventy-two hours. I may just stay outside for the next three days – geez! They are also telling people to have two weeks of supplies at the ready in case of power outages and travel limitations. Ain’t no problem

Should something like that happen Lisa and I will be ready – we have a full tank of gas and a good map to get us home.  We will be out of here!

God willing we will see everyone in a couple of weeks.

Peace! Steve and Lisa


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