Our New Digs and More

This and that:

Lisa and I moved around the corner from where we have been since we arrived in Loma Linda in early December.  Because Lisa was extended three weeks at the last-minute – we were unable to keep our apartment and secured a room here in the Loma Linda Inn – literally not more than a hundred yards away.  The room is nice but is just that – a room.  We have already bumped into each other and feel cramped – but (trust me) we can survive these last eleven days.  (Hang on a minute – Lisa needs to get around me…, “My gosh! Will you get settled – Your knee is in my side”).  Ok – maybe this won’t be as easy as I thought.

We have made some friends who are here for the proton cancer treatment and had been living across from us at our apartment.  Richard and his wife are here from Arkansas (Little Rock) and he is undergoing the treatment for prostate cancer. He told me that there are three locations in the United States that provide proton cancer treatments and that Loma Linda University Hospital has the most experience and came highly recommended.  I hope to share more about the treatment and share that here on our blog.  They are extremely nice and we promised to look them up for dinner if we are ever in Little Rock.  One of the things Lisa and I have enjoyed most in our travels is getting to know people and we have stayed in touch with friends in Hanover, Pa. since we left there in October.

Lisa met a lady at her work whose (former) boyfriend married “Little Debbie” of the snack cake company.  I’m not kidding about this.  There really is a “Little Debbie” whose family owns the company and her face is who is seen on the box.  They live in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  I confess I’ve had a love affair with Little Debbie for a long time – “Devil Squares”, “Swiss Rolls”, and “Cherry Cordials”.

Lisa and I had to kill some time today waiting for our room and we visited some car lots to kick some tires.  Met a sales manager for the local Hyundai dealership whose aunt (his dad’s sister) married the Greenwell of Greenwell Chisholm printing in Owensboro.  He has been to Owensboro several times.  Small world indeed.

We were told today that when you live here long enough you can actually hear a rumbling before an earthquake hits.  Apparently you hear it before you feel it.  For most of the earthquakes we have had – I’ve not heard or felt them.  Lisa will also tell you – I wouldn’t notice a moose in our backyard.

See Everyone Soon!

Love, Steve and Lisa


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