Remembering My Dad

My dad would have been 96 years old today.  Here I am in Pennsylvania, the home state of his beloved Pittsburgh Pirates and on his birthday – the Pirates are in first place trying to snap a string of losing seasons that goes back to 1992.  I hope to get to Pittsburgh while we are here and see them play.  I was told it is about four hours away but Lisa and I may spend a weekend there when we can.  Anytime Justin and I have gone to PNC Park – I have thought of Tom Lea and his love for the Bucs.  I’m afraid I influenced Justin to also be a Pirate fan – but no regrets.  It is a family tradition that I can thank my dad for.  Happy birthday dad – I miss you!

Lisa and I are adjusting to life here in Gettysburg and RV living.  Spending time at Gettysburg on the 149th anniversary of the battle was surreal.  I actually saw people weeping openly as they walked the battlefield. There is to be a huge reenactment of the battle this weekend but it is suppose to be 102 Saturday so I think I’ll pass.   Lisa is on call this weekend so we are having to stay close to the campsite.  Next weekend we may venture into DC.

We found a vegetable and fruit stand near our campsite and have enjoyed some of the best peaches we have ever eaten.  Also have enjoyed really good sweet corn, fresh tomatos and new potatos.  The owner also sells homemade pottery that was beautiful but a bit expensive.  Lisa picked up one bowl and it was priced at $225.  I immediately went back to the peaches.

Take care of things in Owensboro.  We miss everyone.


1 thought on “Remembering My Dad

  1. Your rememberance of your dad really touched me as I lost my dad two years ago. I was also moved by your observation of folks crying as they walked the battlefield at Gettysburg. My mom, dad and I visited Gettysburg several years ago on one of our trips to see my sister in Connecticut, and I remember crying as I toured the museum and read how almost as many men died in those three days as died in the whole Vietnam War. And to think it was American vs American, brother against brother in some cases. Very, very sad moment in our country’s history.

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