Say That Again

Lisa and I do not talk funny.  Lets get that straight from the beginning.  All our friends back in Kentucky know that Kentuckians (particularly in western Kentucky) talk normal.  We do not have a funny accent.  These people in Hanover think we talk funny.   In fact they want us to talk and will gather round to hear as if we are a novelty.

Lisa has had particular encounters with people interested in her way of talking.  Doctors hang around her to listen and she even had one chase her down the hallway just to have her repeat something she says often – “Thank you very much”.  I can’t imagine why that is so fascinating to hear.  But they love it and are seemingly endeared to our southern way of speaking.

It is tempting to add some hillbilly twang to our talking just to really give them something to hear.  “Ahl hev soom frinch fries with dat and a bottle uh pop”.  “Well butter mah bisket and call me for suppah” “Wall ahl be hog tied and baw bee cued”

So Lisa and I have decided that we will not change our way of talking and are proud to call ourselves from Kentucky.  They may think of us as barefoot, toothless hillbillies but that’s ok.  If we can change that perception in a few of these Pennsylvania Dutch Yankees then good for us.

By the way – they talk funny up here.



1 thought on “Say That Again

  1. I love this!!! I had no idea you guys had taken off until the other day was taking with Paul and he said something about you guys up in Pennsylvania. How cool???? I pray that you will experience all the abundant life God has to offer up north. Thank you for the blogs!!
    Robin Gaddis

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