Wash Day

I take things for granted.  This I know because of things I miss here in Pennsylvania that I had aplenty in Owensboro.  Take for example a washer and dryer.  At home I could simply throw dirty clothes in our washer before work and into the dryer at lunch.  It was so convenient I didn’t even think about it being convenient. 

Not having a washer and dryer in our RV makes me actually miss our old wobbly washer back home.  I found a nice, clean laundromat in Hanover called “Suzie’s Suds” and have been there three times already.  Located not far from where I drop Lisa off at the hospital, it is convenient but it has taken me some time to figure out how to use these industrial size machines.  My biggest problem was learning how to dry clothes properly (I almost caught a load on fire after putting the setting on “hot” and leaving them for 40 minutes.  I literally burned my hands taking them out of the “kiln”).  But despite all the burned fingers and scorched clothes I have made some friends.   I met two really nice senior ladies (in their seventies and beyond) who helped me figure out how to use the machines and then told me about their main interest – playing slot machines at the nearby casino.  They are really sweet ladies and we have a date each Monday morning to meet, clean our clothes and talk about life in Hanover.  Follow future posts about me and the girls at the laundry.  If I don’t make it back to our camper on Monday’s – you may find me and the girls at the slot machines.

Blessings to all!

Steve and Lisa



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