This Is What Ya Call An Rrr Vee

Hello everybody – Lisa and I are alive and well after our first two nights in our 5th wheel.  We believe 5th wheel means only four people can be inside at once and anyone else trying to get inside is a “5th wheel”.  That sounds good anyway.  It is adequate space for the two of us and we are already adjusting to the low bedroom ceiling.  I managed to only crack my skull twice the first night and only once since.  We are also adjusting to the small bathroom.  Discreetly put – I discovered it best to lower the necessary garments before entering and then scoot out once your business is done with said articles of clothing below your patella region.  In other words – you need to drop your drawers before you enter and leave them below your knees to get out.  Harry Houdini would struggle with this set up.

God must have a sense of humor as the thunderstorm he sent through the Allegany Mountains our first night shook us all night long and we were not sure if we needed to add seat belts to our sleeping compartment.  We did manage to retract the awning from the outside before it sailed away and without killing each other in the process.  But we survived and already starting to feel accustomed to the place.

The people here at the campground are extremely nice but I think you get a discount for every tatoo you can show.  The pool is right behind our campsite and although there is a lot of activity around it has been fairly quiet.  At night we count the stars, fireflys and tatoos.

Last night Lisa and I went on a ghost tour of Gettysburg which we both highly recommend.  (Did you know Gettysburg has the largest migration of buzzards in the country?  They said it was due to the large number of dead bodies they feasted on after the war and caused a shift in their migration patterns).   We toured the Gettysburg College campus as part of the tour and it was fascinating to hear how they used the buildings (some still standing and in use) as field hospitals during the war.

Today I am officially retired from the school system and tomorrow Lisa begins her second week on the job.  Just twelve more weeks here unless God has other plans.  Thanks for all your prayers and try to stay cool in Owensboro.  By the way these Pennsylvanians think this mid 90s weather here is unbearable.  They don’t know hot until they’ve been to Owensboro.


2 thoughts on “This Is What Ya Call An Rrr Vee

  1. Oh, Steve, WAY too much information in this one! And super cool fact about Gettysburg – if I were still teaching, my students would love that one – Gross history at its best! 🙂

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