Snow Days in June

It seems like a decade has past since I was working in our local school system. In fact, I have only been retired now three years. But, after traveling around the country these past years and only being home for brief stints – those days at Owensboro Middle School seem like a lifetime ago.  I think about people and students and funny things and good times working in the school system. I miss much of that world I left in 2012. I also miss waking up to learn school had been cancelled due to snow.  And now, after all these years, I have finally figured out why snow days were so great.

As Lisa and I are home for an unexpected extended stay waiting for her breast cancer surgery – we finally have accepted that there is simply nothing else we can do. We can’t make the cancer go away – can’t make the doctors move any faster – can’t make the clock speed up. So, might as well relax and enjoy it. These days remind me of school snow days – only it is June and schools are out for the summer. There is also no snow in the forecast but, the way our luck has been running, I’m keeping my boots and shovel handy – just in case.

Snow days are awesome! On snow days everything stops – or at least slows way down. Routines are disrupted, schedules altered, excuses for being late or absent – accepted.  On snow days you are allowed to sleep late, walk around all day in your pajamas, forget about work and responsibilities. There is just nothing you can do about it and, strangely enough, knowing you have no control over things provides an emotional respite from the drudgery and stress of day to day living.

Lisa’s cancer diagnosis has put us in that position. This snow day was not in the forecast and took all of us by surprise.  Our plans were disrupted.  At first we tried wrestling back control – fighting the circumstances – not believing or accepting what we were hearing. Kingman, Arizona would be cancelled – work and travel would cease – our RV put away. 

Now we find ourselves finally embracing this new reality. The snow is on the ground and all we can do is wait for the sun to return.  Lisa learned yesterday that her surgery will be June 26th – a little longer to wait.  But, things look good as far as her prognosis.  The long term forecast is promising.  Having accepted that there is nothing we can do until then – we are relaxing into this new normal.  And I admit – it feels good being out of control.

And if you stop by our house before noon – we welcome your visit. But, you’ve been warned – we may still be in our pajamas.

Thanks for your prayers! Keep them coming – Love, Steve and Lisa.


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