A Pat on the Back

Our days here in Ohio are numbered.  In about four weeks we will pull our RV home to Owensboro, Kentucky and enjoy a few weeks of furlough before heading west to Arizona on May 27th.  Lisa begins a thirteen week assignment in Kingman, Arizona on June first.  June will also mark our third year of traveling with Lisa’s job since I retired.  Hard to imagine that we have been on the road three years.  It does not seem that long ago that we loaded up our car and headed to Hanover, Pennsylvania without any idea where we would live or how we would like being away from home and family for several months at a time.  It has been quite an adventure and that adventure will continue – at least for a little while longer.

Traveling home this past weekend to celebrate our grandson’s second birthday, we realized our next trip home from Ohio would end our year-long stay here in Cambridge.  There are so many people and places that we will miss and we are trying to squeeze as much into these last weeks as possible.  One thing I will miss is the close proximity to Pittsburgh and my last chance (for a while) to see the Pirates play.  Lisa and I are going to a game this Sunday and I am looking forward to her first game at PNC Park.  With the weather finally starting to cooperate for good camping conditions, we will be enjoying our final weekend campfires with our camping neighbors and as the seasonal campers return for the summer, hope to begin our long good-byes.  There is a (sort of) brother/sisterhood that comes with camping in a place for a year, especially after enduring a harsh winter together.  These are people who have helped us and whom we have helped and they will not soon be forgotten.  Should we ever travel Interstate 70 toward Wheeling, WV, you can be assured we will stop at the Spring Valley Campground for a visit.

For Lisa, these last four weeks will be especially important and, to a degree, sentimental.  As the Southeastern Medical Echo Department is now fully staffed, Lisa is spending her time preparing them for her departure.  She has described it as the same feeling of sending your child to school for the first time.  Did she do enough to get them ready?  Did she miss something?  Will they be OK?  Knowing that on her first day at the job (last May) she was handed the keys, beeper, and instructions to take over the department since the other Echo-Tech had quit the day before, Lisa did just that.  She helped change not only some of their procedures, she has enlivened the very culture of the department.  For Lisa it is a “Patient First” work ethic that she hopes has been instilled with the other staff – perhaps even more important than performing a perfect test.  She has often spoken to the staff about treating patients as if they are your family.  It has made a difference.  Her time here has not been always easy and she has had to overcome some “push back” from others, but she feels that the department is in good hands and will miss the friendships that have been made along the way.

For the job she has done here at Southeastern, Lisa was notified this week that she was named the top employee of Aureus Medical Staffing for this quarter and will be automatically nominated for employee of the year.  She won’t say it so I will:  She deserves it.  In every job she has been in since we started traveling in 2012, she has been asked to extend her contract for a longer stay.  That speaks volumes about the job she has done.  Way to go, Wife!

She also may or may not say that without my superb cooking and clothes washing prowess, she is nothing.  I don’t know if Aureus has a “Spouse Support” award but, if not, they should and I nominate – me.  Her clothes are always clean and (for the most part) unwrinkled.  Her lunch is always packed and ready for consumption and only rarely do they spill out due to my not putting a lid on something properly.  I’m always on time picking her up in the afternoons (except for those times that I am late).  And I cook every single night of the week (except for about four nights a week that we eat out).  I just don’t understand why people talk about the great job she does and never mention me.

Not that I am looking for a pat on the back or anything.

Love, Steve and Lisa




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