Greener on the Other Side

Lisa and I have traveled home this weekend to join our family for our grandson’s second birthday. In just four weeks we will leave Ohio for a final time and return home for a few weeks in May before heading west to Kingman, Arizona. Lisa will begin a thirteen week assignment in our old western stomping grounds on June first.

As we made our way across Ohio and into Kentucky, we noticed the trees had started to show signs of life and, unlike Ohio, seems to be showing winter to the door. Things always seem greener and more fragrant in Kentucky and our brief stay at home reminds us why we could never uproot completely.  Though everywhere we have traveled there have been opportunities for permanent employment, Lisa and I just cannot see ourselves anywhere else. We have enjoyed every place we have been, but home is and will always be the bluegrass state.

Four more weeks in Ohio. We never could have believed our stay in Cambridge would last an entire year. There is much we will miss. We have made lifelong friends and having endured the eastern Ohio winter – we feel a kinship with the proud “Buckeyes”. But all things come to an end and our hearts are now turning for home and, very soon, toward the western skies of Arizona.

But for now we are home. And Kentucky is a beautiful place to be.

Love, Steve and Lisa.


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