A Time To Dance

(Update:  Lisa and I are enjoying our time here in Owensboro and are waiting to hear about the next assignment.  Lisa has been contacted about returning to Kingman, Arizona sometime in February and has also been recommended for a job in Richmond, Virginia (which is just 650 miles away versus 1700 miles to Kingman).  We hope to get back on the road after Christmas.)

I could use scripture to make my point with this post.  I could talk about how Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding he had been invited to.  Perhaps that would be enough evidence that Jesus wanted people to celebrate life.  Maybe I could pull some scripture from the Old Testament and how David danced and encouraged others to do so in the Psalms.  But, I am sure some would take issue with any attempt on my part to prove a point with the Bible.  Besides that – I don’t think scripture should be used as a debate tool.  Instead of that approach I think I will just say what is on my mind.  I think people (especially Christians) should celebrate more.  And I mean really celebrate.  Dance and sing and dance some more and then when your voice is hoarse from singing at the top of your lungs and your feet too sore to stand – fall into bed humming the last song while remembering that last dance.  God is good and life is worth celebrating.

Our family has done a lot of celebrating these last few weeks.  Our son got married at Disney World and we celebrated.  Then we got home and had a reception where we celebrated some more.  People danced and sang and acted silly and laughed (boy – did we ever laugh). The only guilt I have felt from all the frivolity is that Lisa and I have not done more of that in our marriage.  After nagging me for years to take dance lessons – I finally gave in and have to admit I have loved learning how to dance.  But the real joy of celebrations like we experienced with Justin and Lori’s wedding is just letting yourself have fun.  We had people come up to us days after the reception saying they had not had that much fun in years and one even said it may have helped save a marriage.  I’m not surprised.  It is true that a couple that prays together – stays together.  Maybe I should add “dance” to that list.

This post may get me in trouble as a Baptist Deacon – something I am and will always be proud to call myself.  But does it hurt to party and celebrate with absolute abandon on special occasions?  We have had to utilize a Catholic church now on two occasions (our daughters wedding and now our sons) in order to allow the kids and adults to dance since it is not allowed in our Baptist church.  It is time for that rule to change.  The first order of business for the next marriage enrichment class at our church should be teaching couples how to dance and have fun together.  Let me be clear that I am not advocating drinking or carousing or wasting your life away partying.  I just think people need to celebrate the life God has given them.  And who has more reason to celebrate and party than those who understand the grace and goodness of God.  Christians should be known as the ‘partyingest’ people on the planet.  (Here come the comments).

So thanks to everyone who partied with us at Justin and Lori’s wedding reception.  Thanks for dancing and laughing and having fun.  Marriage is good – God is good – Life is good.  Let us celebrate!

Love, Steve and Lisa


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