The Girl We Prayed For

Lisa and I did not know who we were praying for – and that went on for twenty-seven years.  Out in the misty uncertain realm of the unknown was someone God would bring into our son’s life to be his wife.  We thought of that as early as the day he was born and we would pray into that uncertainty for nearly three decades.  At times we worried it would not happen or that the person would be less than our desired choice.  So we just prayed on.

Yesterday I had the privilege of officiating our sons wedding and I thought of all the prayers Lisa and I had prayed throughout his life as his bride made her way down the winding path toward the altar at the “Swan” Resort at Walt Disney World.  Here was the bride – but even more than that – here was a long-awaited answered prayer.

Some believe that Noah may have been working on the ark for hundreds of years waiting for God to deliver the promised rain.  I am not sure that I could have been that steadfast.  But most parents will do just about anything to secure the best life possible for their children and if it took hammering pegs into holes for a hundred years while waiting for God’s fulfilled promise – I hope I would be willing to do that.  Fortunately – all that was asked of Lisa and I was to pray and be patient.  And wait.

This morning I woke up to the reality that both our children are now married and their lives have taken a path away from us as parents and into a future to build their own life and legacy.  Lisa and I would have it no other way.  This morning I realized God had answered our prayers.

We did not know who we were praying for – until Lori Johnson stepped into Justin’s life and yesterday agreed to be his wife.  How can I not believe theirs will be a blessed life and how can I not believe that God will keep them in the palm of His hand – bottle their tears and gift them with joy unspeakable.  After all – He is the one who did this.

Welcome to our family Lori.  We have waited a long time.

Love, Steve and Lisa.


2 thoughts on “The Girl We Prayed For

  1. I have been praying for my future daughter in laws for years!!! This is such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing & may she be a blessing to your family.

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