Is That “Radiator Springs”?

Good Bye Amarillo! The wind finally died down and we pulled out of Texas early Friday morning heading to Holbrook, Arizona.  Our travel day was another long one (eight hours) but we were excited knowing the final leg of our trip would be just three hours on Saturday.  New Mexico landscape is a little more pleasing to the eyes than the Texas panhandle and it was easy to see that it was probably the inspiration for Disney artists conceptualizing “Radiator Springs”.

We made it to our campground in Holbrook around 6:00PM.  It was hot – but not overwhelmingly and we were surprised to find the temperature drop to 57 last night.  The campground manager said it is typically hot as Hades during the day and cool at night.  We are not sure how the weather will be in Kingman – but we are soon to find out.

Last night we ate at the campground (they called it their “Cowboy Cookout”) and enjoyed talking to a couple from Houston who were vacationing to the Grand Canyon.  They were huge Disney fans which gave us plenty to talk about.  Like us they also were in Amarillo during the wind storm on Thursday and actually had to move to a hotel room when the door to their pop-up camper blew off.  Really nice people.

Lisa and I have learned to take our chance and go talk to people in our travels.  Campers are generally very friendly folks and in the end – the people you meet and friends you make are what we remember most.  We will add those two to our list.

See you in Kingman!

Steve and Lisa.



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