Blowing Through Texas

After three months being home with family, friends, and our new grandbaby, Lisa and I are back on the road heading to Kingman Az. for the next eight weeks.  On this trip west we decided to pull our RV and the adventure has already started.  We loaded up everything and pulled out of Owensboro on Wednesday afternoon.  Our first stop was Newburgh Ind. where Lisa had a TB skin test read (unbelievable the hoops she has to jump through in the medical field) and finally we were on the road to Springfield Mo. – our first stop in this 1800 mile journey.  The first day was rather uneventful except for my cutting a corner too close at the KOA campground and putting a nice dent in our truck.  Other than that – really the first part of our journey was rather smooth.  We have made reservations at KOA campgrounds all the way to Kingman and may stay at that campsite for the duration if it is close enough to Lisa’s work.

Day two of our journey was a whole other story.  We left out of Springfield to beautiful weather and it stayed nice until outside Oklahoma City when the winds started picking up and by the time we hit the Texas border I had lost a wooden block from the back of my truck (used to secure the RV) had our steps blow open, and weaved, swerved, rumbled and tumbled for three hundred miles.  At one point I thought our awning had blown loose (it had not) and was practically a freaked out wreak by the time we finally arrived in Amarillo, Texas for our second night.  The winds continued to increase and I was certain our roof, awning, siding, truck, Lisa, or all of them would be blown away during the night.  The wind gusts hit 60 mph during the night and Lisa and I huddled in the middle of the bed fully expecting the wind to pick us up and put us in Kansas.  What a night.  It was so bad we could not open the slide on our RV.

The best part of our evening was taking a shuttle to the famous “Big Texan” steakhouse where a person can try and consume a 72oz steak and meal for free if completed in an hour.  We watched a few try unsuccessfully with one poor girl throwing up near the end of her hour.  It was lovely.  We ate while looking out the window at the trees blowing around and I was certain I would see our RV fly past the window any minute.  It crossed my mind to get a hotel room – but if one is going to be an RVer it is necessary to endure moments like this.  And last night the key word was “endure” – not “enjoy”.

But God got us through our long night and soon we will be duct taping all our loose parts and trying to get to Holbrook Arizona today with Kingman being our final destination tomorrow (Saturday).

Say a prayer for us that God will hold back the wind and hold together our poor RV.


Steve and Lisa


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