This and That

Some news from Gettysburg/Hanover/Hershey

We went with friends this weekend to Hershey Pa. and to the nations largest RV show.  Prices ranged from $6,000 pop up campers to half a million dollar rolling Biltmore Houses.  Lisa and I slumped back into Gettysburg and into our less than fancy camper.  It will take a few days for us to shake loose from the glamour and grandeur of the new models.  We feel more and more like our RV is home – it has a leaky roof just like our house in Owensboro.

It is that strange time of year where we run our air conditioner during the day and our furnace at night.  It has been fantastic fall-like weather here although they are calling for extensive rains through Tuesday night.  Our campground fills up each weekend although not as full as during the summer months.  During the week it is mostly just the seasonal folks camping.

There is a remote possibility that Lisa will be extended through November but that will not be decided for a few weeks (probably).  God willing – Lisa and I would like to be home in December for the holidays and then go back out after the first of the year.  As I have written about often – our plans are written in pencil.

Lisa is planning a trip with a co-worker to New York City in early October.  There is a shopping district where her friend shops for really good deals (yeah right).  She was told, however, that if the store owners start acting suspiciously – they should exit the place immediately.  Our adventure continues…,

Blessings to our friends and family.

Steve and Lisa


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