Tough Decisions

Lisa and I were faced this week with one of the toughest decisions we have had to make while we have been away from home.  A job in Owensboro came open that I had applied for before we left and I was notified this week that I was a finalist for the position.  That sounded great except it was about to throw our travel plans for a loop.  We prayed and talked through it and in the end Lisa left the decision up to me.  After weighing it all out I decided to withdraw my name from consideration.  Lisa will be finishing up her assignment here in Hanover at the end of October and we do not know where her next assignment will be.  I could not see myself allowing her to continue traveling alone and so we will continue following God’s lead as best we can as we move forward.

Tough decisions are required in life at times and it is my experience that often you just sort of close your eyes and choose and hope for the best.  In the end it is all about trusting God to be big enough to put us where he wants us and find peace with the decision.

Cool temperatures and prime camping weather has finally arrived here in Gettysburg.  Fall is certainly in the air and it is a welcome relief from what has been both a hot an extremely rainy summer here in central Pennsylvania.  We continue to try to “cheese up” our RV in preparation for Halloween.  We were told the other day that starting next weekend we will need to hand out candy each Friday night leading up to Halloween.  We have already celebrated Christmas and New Years in July here so why not do Halloween in September?

This past Friday night Lisa and I were in our RV and heard Elvis singing at the pavilion behind us.  Weekends usually feature some type of music group performing.  I walked down to get a better look and, sure enough, Elvis was performing.  The man impersonating the “King” was giving it his all in front of a crowd of about fifteen people.  I listened for a while and finally realized what a really good job this guy was doing.  In fact – he was the best Elvis impersonator I had ever heard.  I suppose interest in Elvis has waned a little through the years – very few young people were present.  He probably gets a better response at the nursing homes.  The senior adults in the crowd seemed to really enjoy his act.  So did I.  (Oh no!).

Stay in touch!

Steve and Lisa




1 thought on “Tough Decisions

  1. You and Lisa have a good thing going right now, and the thought of stopping your opportunity for the two of you to travel might have been painful. There will be other opportunities for “stay at home” jobs when the wanderlust slows down. I’m envious of your travels and experiences. We are hoping that 2013 will be a better year for us to begin traveling again.

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