Good Friends – Good Times

Lisa and I realized as I was taking her to work this morning – that we are now just one month away from finishing this assignment here in Gettysburg.  We have no idea where we will be a month from now.  It is exciting and a little stressful not knowing yet where we will go – but “grace has brought us safe thus far – and grace will lead us home”.  One things for certain – we will be sad to leave here.  The people have been tremendous and I simply cannot get enough of the battlefield and the civil war history in the area.  I walk the battlefield every day and discover something new each time.

We were so glad to have Wes and Kim Page visit us this past weekend.  We did the Gettysburg segway tour along with a trip to Strasburg and our little train ride through Amish country.  They accompanied us to our Nazarene church in Hanover on Sunday and did a little hiking at Cunningham Falls (see photo below).

We felt a little like Uncle Albert in “Mary Poppins” when Wes and Kim left.  You remember the scene where Uncle Albert has levitated to the ceiling during one of his laughing jags and then when told it was time for his guests to leave said that was one of the saddest things he had ever heard and floated back down.  It is so good seeing familiar faces but kind of sad when they leave.

Friends are so precious to us and even more appreciated when you are away from home.  We appreciate more than anything friends who have a genuine interest in your life and actually feel your emotions through good times and bad.  Good friends share your joy, sorrow, successes and struggles.  Wes and Kim have been those kind of friends to us through the years.  Lisa and I can only hope we have been the same to them.  It was due to Wes and Kim’s encouragement that Lisa was able to finally get her registry in cardiac sonography allowing us to finally travel.  Wes (I swear there is nothing the man cannot do) helped Lisa with physics and has already started “Skype” sessions  as she is preparing now for her vascular registry.  The list of things those two have done for us through the years is mind blowing.  We can never say thanks enough.

In other news:

We continue to look for a truck to move our RV when the time comes and may have to bring one from Owensboro.  The prices here are ridiculous.

Sorry we will miss the opening of the new riverfront in Owensboro and we look forward to seeing that when we come home.  We have also missed friday night football, our family, our friends and our dogs, Izzy, Bear, and Agnes.

This coming weekend our family will be heading up here and we are excited to show them around Gettysburg and Washington DC.

Take Care!

Steve and Lisa


1 thought on “Good Friends – Good Times

  1. Steve & Lisa share your love of the battlegrounds and history of the civil war. Jerry and i came up there two years in a row some years back. Be sure and eat at The Dobbins House best crab cakes we have ever had. Love reading of your adventures miss you both.

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