Talkin About the Car Wash – Yeah!

Missin me some Sparkle Brite Car Wash.  Here’s why:

Trying to get our Trailblazer ready to trade in so we can get a truck to haul this RV when we get ready to leave.  Today I decided to clean it up and found one of those do it yourself places with the coin operated foam brushes and power hoses.

The sign said it would cost $2.00 and there were a number of options including “pre-wash”, “foam brush”, “wash”, “rinse”, and I can’t remember the others.  I chose “pre-wash” and inserted my eight quarters.  The read out indicated I had four minutes for the pre-wash phase and so I took my time to spray whatever the heck “pre-wash” is and all seemed to be going really good.  In fact I had a minute or so left and started doing the foamy brush feature with what I thought was extra time.  I really soaped it up – had it looking like a baby in bubble bath.  Then I heard something beeping.  I looked at the timer and it was flashing a countdown of under 30 seconds.  My four-minute “pre-wash” time was really the four-minute Pennsylvania car wash limit.  (Who can wash their car in four minutes? – I knew these people were hard workers up here but my gosh…,)

Frantic – I reached for the rinse hose and tried to get as much of the lathered foam off the car as I could but suddenly realized my time was up.  I then realized I had no more cash, no more quarters and a black Trailblazer looking like it had driven through a snow storm.

What to do?  I had no choice but to get in and drive up the road and find an ATM machine and then get some change.  Foam was flying off my car as I sped down the highway looking like a dog shaking in a bathtub.  I pulled my t-shirt over my head as I ran into the convenient store and could actually hear people laughing as they drove past.  (I’m not sure but I think some people were taking pictures) The sun was baking the suds into a thick, congealed goo that I was afraid may take the dirt and the paint off as well.  The ATM charged me $2 for the transaction and after driving back to the car wash and completing the job (about thirty minutes later) – I believe I spent about $26 and the car still needed to be washed.

Yep – I’m missing me some Sparkle Brite.


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