Each afternoon when I pick up Lisa from work, we discuss how our days went and tell our different stories.  She tells me about funny and interesting people she has met – tells funny stories about doctors and nurses and it is all very exciting for me to hear.  My stories consist of great adventures such as dropping a quarter under the coin operated washing machine at our campground or other heart stoppers like picking up some milk and eggs at the grocery.  I’m sure she is fascinated.

But really all of our good stories are about people.  You meet a lot of different people traveling – even more than normal if you stay in a campground.  I thought I would tell about some of the people we have met.  Get on the edge of your seats –

A couple from Ontario Canada pulled in our campground right across from us and we noticed they had the exact same brand of RV as us.  We introduced ourselves to the wife and told her of our common RV type.  Then she said they had just bought theirs and could not get the air conditioning to work.  We went inside and met the husband (both extremely nice) and I tried to help him with his AC – but no luck.  I then called Mike.

Mike is a mechanic at the RV center where we purchased our camper.  It was his job to go through our RV when we made our purchase and show me how everything works.  It was one of those really hot days and I appreciated him taking the time to crawl under, over on top of and inside everything in our RV to show me how it worked.  The real help he gave was handing me his business card and saying I could call him anytime night and day if I had any questions.  I called him about the Canadians air conditioning and he gave us advise to get it fixed.  (turned out being a bad breaker)  Mike is a good man.  The Canadian couple stayed a couple more days and walked over to say good bye when they left.

We met a man in our campground who is from Texas working here as an insurance adjuster.  He was to be here just a couple of months but is now set to stay for the next year.  He is not sure how his RV will hold up during the cold winter.  He did say if we needed anything to let him know.

While at an antique store one day Lisa and I noticed a booth with some antique Disney items that we are collecting.  A man was there arranging the shelves and we learned he owned that booth.  When we told him we were interested in his Disney items he said we had come to the right place.  His son was an animator for Disney and had worked on “Hunchback of Notre Dame” and other Disney animated films.  He had more Disney items at his house including some rare lithographs.  He gave us his card and told us to call him anytime and he would show them to us.

Lisa met a man at the hospital who portrays Robert E. Lee at Civil War re-enactments.

There is a man who lives here at the campground that carries his little dog on his scooter everywhere he goes.  Lisa and I stopped to talk to him and his dog started barking – not as we approached but only when we were leaving.  It is the only dog we had ever seen that barked when you left as if telling you to come back.

There are so many one time encounters that Lisa and I have with people it is difficult to remember them all.  And it is those encounters that we talk about the most.  If we travel around the area it is not the places we have gone but the people we have met that make up our stories.  We have met mostly really nice, helpful folks who love our accent and, as one doctor Lisa works with put it, our “sing-song” way of talking.  Occassionally we have been put off by some but have learned it is more of the northern way – very cut and dry.  Here if someone tells you they need their windshield wipers replaced they say – “wipers are broke”.  In the south you will say, “We were driving down down Old Hartford Rd and it started raining a little and I turned my wipers on and noticed they sounded like my grandmothers old sewing machine that had a bad motor and I think it may be the motor going bad but what do you think?”

It has taken us some time to realize they are not being rude – just being northern.

Thanks for reading our blog – we miss you people

Steve and Lisa


4 thoughts on “People

  1. LOL….loved the windshield wiper example. Once we got off the beaten path in downtown Chicago years ago while walking back from Hard Rock Cafe. There were 3 youths that starting walking behind us then would pass us and be in front and then fall back behind us. After about 15 minutes of this “game” I suggested to my traveling companion we should slip into a store until they went on their merry way. The reply I received was…”they don’t know we’re not from Chicago”. In which I replied, “oh I think as soon as we said Hi ya’ll it was pretty obvious we were tourists!!”‘

  2. Are you picking on us Yankees? You are in Gettysburg eh? North, you ain’t seen nohth till you head on up to Massachusetts! Now there’s A peculiar lot! I am heading up theah myself in 3 weeks…live drama always in my extended East Coast fam…head matriarch turns 100 on sept. 6. Amazing. Now there is a character. You an Lisa have fun people watching and I will try to follow your blog for adventurous updates. 🙂

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