Looking Forward

As something of a follow up to my previous post regarding looking forward to Saturdays, I want to share some thoughts regarding the first part of that – looking forward.

As a history buff I often think about the past – being here at Gettysburg for three months has given me plenty of opportunities to do just that.  The past can teach us much about who and what we are – the good and the bad.  I believe that is important.  And while part of me lives in the past as I study history – I am also aware of how the here and now shape me and my thinking.

I understand what it means to live in the moment – that is – not allow our lives to slip from us as we anticipate the next big thing to come and not enjoy each moment of our lives.  Parents can certainly understand the need to enjoy each moment of our children’s lives since they grow up so fast and those days pass like a vapor.  But much of my living in the moment is doing things like paying bills, fixing problems, and worrying about this or that.  It would be wonderful to say that I have reached a point in my life where I no longer worry about the “small stuff” and enjoy to the fullest every moment God as given me.  But that is not me.  In fact the older I get the more that “small stuff” bothers me.  I’m sorry to admit that.

All that leads me to this idea – I really do look forward to the future.  Lisa and I enjoy planning for things one, two even ten years away.  Those plans help bring sense to all the ordinary moments of the day to day living and working.  The future gives us hope.

I’ll even go as far as to suggest that looking forward is what we are challenged to do as Christians.  Though we are responsible for our here and now living – the Christian is future oriented.

In John 14 Jesus practically teases us with the future by saying “I go to prepare a place for you.”  Who couldn’t wonder what that is like – its almost like saying, “don’t think about a blue elephant”.  We can’t help but wonder and look forward to that future.

Paul said that our citizenship was in heaven – meaning we not only should think about it but long for it as our home – as God’s children heaven is our native land.

There are plenty of other verses that could be used to make a case for the importance of looking forward in our lives.  Lisa and I are already looking forward to her next assignment, looking forward to seeing our family and friends, looking forward to our next trip – looking forward, always looking forward.

Our family has enjoyed trips to Disney World and have been making trips there for nearly twenty years.  For us it is simply a place to have fun and enjoy life together.  But we have come to realize part of the fun of going to Disney is anticipating going to Disney.  It is the planning, saving, waiting and anticipating that make going so much fun.  We enjoy looking forward to our next trip.  Looking forward is almost as fun as being there – almost.

So today I think I’ll read a little history – pay a few bills – and then do what I really do best – dream about tomorrow.

Looking forward!

Steve and Lisa


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