We Can Now Say…,

This may be a little risky since first impressions are often wrong or misleading and we readily admit that many of our ideas of this place will change over the next two months as it should be.  But like good Americans – we have opinions that may change and probably will before we leave this place.  Who knows how the next seven weeks will go for us and we will certainly be more than ready to see our old Kentucky home by then.  But as of today we would be more than comfortable making this place our home as we have come to love the people we have met.  And along the way we have formulated thse ideas and opinions of life here in Pennsylvania in general and RV living away from home in particular.  Here goes:

We can now say…,

…,if everyone had to manually dump their toilets as in an RV –  the consumption of toilet paper would go down while the sale of air freshener would increase – drastically.

…,Kentucky must be beautiful in the fall – at least in the minds of many people who live here in Pa. (and we always thought the northeast would be the place to go in the fall).  People vacation in Kentucky – we had no idea.

…,it costs a lot of money to do laundry in a coin operated laundromat.

…,there may not be any burgers in the world as good as Owensboro’s “Dipper” burgers – but we will keep searching.

…,we all curse technology at times – but we thank God for cell phones, Skype and email to stay in touch with our family and friends.  It has made being away from home much easier.

…,people in Owensboro need to go out and spend time in their front yard.  They are rare here in Pa.  Houses sit right next to the sidewalks – some don’t even have sidewalks and literally sit next to the street.  Wrecks here don’t damage your front lawn – they destroy your couch.

…,the hardest part about driving here in the Gettysburg area is getting in and out of parking lots.

…,we enjoy spending time in antique stores.

…,nothing makes you feel older than spending time in antique stores.

…,the only thing that makes us feel older than spending time in antique stores – is finding things we had as children that are now in antique stores.

…,it is fun to tell people you are from a town in Kentucky that is located west of “Loollville” and watch their expressions.  No we don’t say “Louie – ville” just like people here don’t say “Ball-ta-more.”  Here they call it “Ball a more”.

…,as of yet – not one person we have met has ever heard of Owensboro.

…,it is so strange to talk to people who have lived in this area all their lives but have never visited the battlefield at Gettysburg.  It would be almost like people growing up in Owensboro and not listening to Bluegrass music.  Come to think of it….,

…,apparently, you do not have to comb your hair or put on a shirt to walk outside your RV in the morning…. and neither do the men.

…,it is 90 plus degrees here with high humidity and we see campers each night sitting around a CAMP FIRE – Jeez!  We stay huddled around our air condition vents and cook our smores in the microwave.

…,we use to think we would want a pop-up camper.

…,if you buy an RV out of state and want to move it to Kentucky – you have thirty days.  Kentucky will not license an RV until a sheriff and fire marshall have inspected it. They do not require that here in Pa. Temporary tags are only good for one month.  After that you will be transporting it illegally – sooooo.

…,there are no “Chik-fil-A” restaurants in this area.  We’re just saying.

…,we want to see our family but we are not homesick.

…,it is possible to survive life without television.

.., western Kentucky is really flat compared to the views we have enjoyed here.

So there you have it – our opinions…, for now.

Take care!


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