Dumping My Halloween Bag

“hist whist little ghostthings”

When I was still of age to trick or treat, there would come that blissful moment when my brother and I would dump our pillow case Halloween bags onto the living room floor and inspect our candy bounty, separating the good from the not-so-good. Today I am dumping out my Halloween Bag (so to speak) and sharing several things with my readers. I hope you find the good stuff.

“tip-toe twinkle toe”

Lisa and I have been fortunate to remain here at home for over a year now as she continues her work in Newburgh, Indiana, a forty-five minute drive from our house. Although it is a “travel job”, the close proximity to our home has been welcomed after nearly five years away.  She is now under contract through December.

“little twitchy witches and tingling goblins hob-a-nob hob-a-nob”

Our third grandson, Knox James, arrived a few weeks ago.  Due to a breathing issue, little Knox had surgery in Nashville last week to open his airway.  The surgery was a success and, thankfully, he no longer sounds like he is gasping for air. Modern medicine continues to amaze.

“little hoppy happy toad in tweeds tweeds little mousies”

While in Nashville following Knox’s surgery, Lisa, Heather, the baby and I braved a trip to the Opry Mills Mall.  If you have ever been there you know it is a massive place with more shopping possibilities than most bank accounts can accommodate. You will also know there you will encounter the most annoying kiosk sales people every few feet practically blocking your path trying to sell you some type of miracle salve, wrinkle cream, hair gel, and other life changing products.  By the time we were leaving, after about thirteen encounters with these idiots, I had my response memorized: “Out of money and my credit card was cancelled”.  Still, one guy said he would take a check.

“with scuttling eyes rustle and run and hidehidehide whisk”

One night while in Nashville for Knox’s surgery, knowing he was in such good care, we decided to give Heather a break and go downtown for supper. Parking in downtown Nashville is a nightmare but we found one of those ‘pay to park’ lots not far from where we wanted to eat. We thought the spot would be perfect and the $10 fee seemed more than reasonable.. I located the meter where the fee is paid, but was confused (not surprising) how to pay my ten bucks. While trying to figure out the code word for “Pay Here”, which was apparently in every language but English, I overheard someone say parking was free after 6PM.  Sounded good to me.  We ate, walked back to our car and did not notice the piece of paper flapping underneath our windshield wiper until we arrived back at the hospital. “Parking Fine – $60”.  My meal started turning in my stomach. I wonder if there is a Rosetta Stone for Parking Meter instructions.

“whisk look out for the old woman with the wart on her nose what she’ll do to yer nobody knows”

The Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville is an amazing place.  Those who care for sick children are a special breed and their bedside manner is something special to behold.  We saw doctors using “YouTube Kids” on their phones for their little patients to watch while being examined and children were wheeled around in toy wagons and push cars.  It was heartbreaking seeing these extremely sick children but they are in great hands.  I would move to Nashville because of that place.

“for she knows the devil ooch the devil ouch the devil ach the great green”

Lisa put up a “Harvest Tree” this year. It is decorated with fall colored leaves, little pumpkins, and other items she purchased that look like things I rake up out of our yard. While standing in our front yard one afternoon, a man walking his dog noticed the white lights through our front window and asked if we had our Christmas tree up. “No! It’s a Harvest Tree!”, I said with a tone like, “Have you not ever seen a Harvest Tree?”  The next day I covered the thing in orange lights. Now people will know it is a tree decorated for Halloween. Either that or they will think major construction is taking place in our living room. I’m okay with either.

“dancing devil devil devil devil”

Losing the McDonalds at Wesleyan Park Plaza has thrown my life out of balance. Not that we eat there often, but the traffic pattern down South Frederica has taken another hit as people clamour for the next closest Big Mac.  My son mentioned that the old McDonalds was a perfect two double cheeseburger distance to his house and moving it just a couple of feet in either direction will throw his life out of sync to the point he may not recover.


I have been reading Halloween books to our grandchildren Conner Jack and Thomas Lea. This year I shared with them the Halloween book I read to Heather and Justin when they were little. It is called “Hist Whist” by e.e. cummings. It scared the hell out of them and I had to put it up. Sorry kids!

Happy Halloween!


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