Finally, A True Story

This is not fake news – this really happened and it is fascinating. In a small town in North Carolina, local law enforcement officers were duped into believing the bizarre scheme of a group of felons to rob the local bank by posing as Hollywood movie producers.  Here is how they nearly pulled it off.  

After reading an article in a police journal praising the small town police methods in which the officers refused to carry weapons while on duty, the crooks made their way to meet these brave men and pose as tv executives interested in producing a television show about their unorthodox, but successful law enforcement techniques.  As the “would be” crooks befriended the officers, they managed to case the local bank and learn of the officers work schedules.  Following a supper meeting with the officers and their families, the miscreants made their way to the bank thinking the officers were off duty.  Unfortunately, the deputy sheriff, a slightly built single man, happened to notice a light on in the bank and went in to investigate.  There he found the so-called movie producers with a suitcase full of stolen cash.  The quick thinking crooks, fooled the deputy into believing they were “rehearsing a scene for their first episode” and even convinced him that he (the deputy) was being considered for a starring role.  The robbers were just about to escape with thousands of dollars in cash when the chief of police arrived at the scene and spoiled their get-away, apprehending the trio with the help of some armed citizens.  Apparently, the police chief began questioning the strange motives of the fake producers and figured out their bank robbing ploy.  

I found this story interesting as it tells of old school police methods in which good common sense can often out-wit the ridiculous schemes of law breakers and in this case do so without the use of force. When news of the event reached CNN, the reporters were sad to learn that the sheriff was unavailable to comment on the story. 

He had, apparently, gone fishing with his son. 


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