This, That and the Other Thing

I’m not a patient man.  I get antsy at stoplights and fast food restaurants that take longer than three minutes to hand me a dried up burger. I squirm if a sermon goes too long, or the doctor makes me wait, and wait, and wait. As a retiree I should take things nice and easy – slow down – relax.

Maybe something is wrong with me. Maybe I should see a doctor. I would, but he will probably make me wait and my problem will only worsen.

My Mom always told me to be patient. She said good things come to those who wait. I believe she thought it was scriptural. Maybe it is – probably in the book of Proverbs somewhere. I don’t know and I’m too impatient to find out.  Besides it does not make sense. Nothing has ever come to me by waiting except a sore rear end and higher blood pressure.  That is, until a couple of weeks ago. 

I headed back to the Nashville car auction with our used car dealer/friends, Mark and Charlie Armstrong, following our first failed attempt to buy a car. You may remember in our previous episode, the vehicle we really wanted sold for more than expected and because we had no backup plan, we went home without.

Well, guess what?  As it turned out, the vehicle we thought sold, in fact, did not sell. I could hear my Momma’s voice saying, “See, Steven Mac! I told you – be patient.”  I love you Mom, but, patience had nothing to do with it – it was someones lack of credit or cash.

This time we had three vehicles to choose from – but my heart (and, more importantly, Lisa’s taste in cars) was on the same one.  While I was spending a moment in the restroom, Mark was bidding on the car we wanted – low and behold- he got it.  I guess good things come to those who pee at the right time.

Lisa and I now have a new vehicle (not new-new but new to us). We are grateful to Mark and Charlie. We are grateful to the person who did not buy the vehicle the first time. And, we are grateful to my mom whose voice from decades before spoke to me about being patient.
PS:  We learned a few days ago that another vehicle like the one we purchased sold at the auction a week later with less miles. I knew we should have waited.

Lisa and I learned this past week that our time in Cambridge, Ohio will be extended until the first of September. We have plans to take some time off in the fall before heading out once again. It is feeling more and more like this will be our last stop in Cambridge.  We never anticipated staying two years in one place. But, God may have other plans and is laughing at ours. We love our friends here in Ohio, but look forward to new adventures. Stay tuned.

Our newest grandson, Thomas Lea, is doing great. The little guy came into the world several weeks early but is thriving.  The nurses at the hospital called him a “rock star” with his ability to go home after just a few days. He has amazed everyone.  Thanks for all your prayers.

I am working on a book about the 1967 Owensboro High School football team. The book is called, “A Glory Denied” and tells the story of the only team in Owensboro history to be suspended from post season play. The 1967 team was one of the best in school history with a record of 9-1 and the team outscored their opponents 371-27. I am anticipating the book being available by the fall of 2017 and the team’s 50th anniversary. If anyone reading this has a connection to that team as a player or otherwise, please contact me at  I would love to speak to you.

God Bless!
Steve and Lisa


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