Packing Up for Christmas

This morning I began the process of loading our vehicle for a welcomed trip home for Christmas. We say good-bye to our friends here in Cambridge, Ohio and head south this afternoon for a week and a half stay in Kentucky. For that, we are excited.

One of the most overlooked and, I am convinced, hated aspects of Christmas is all the packing up and unpacking that comes with it.  We pack up our shopping carts, pack up our cars, move to other locations and unpack. We repeat this crazy ritual over and over until we are completely exhausted.  I hate packing.

Unfortunately, Lisa and I do a lot of that. Moving things between our home – to our vehicle – to our RV in Ohio and back again – is, for us, the worst part of traveling.  But here is the worst part of all – Lisa packs everything.  Let me try to write that more accurately – LISA PACKS EVERYTHING!  She had so many clothes in our RV closet that the bar holding her entire wardrobe collapsed during one of our trips.  I love her – but enough stuff is enough.

Last night she began collecting items to take home and, finally, announced things were ready to be loaded. My knees buckled at the sight of the mountain of clothes on top of our bed.  I started hauling out armfuls of clothes, shoes, cosmetics, bags, boxes, wrapped and unwrapped packages, decorations, a Christmas tree, and finally her suitcase.  After about an hour, I decided to pack my things up and managed to squeeze my little Wal-Mart bag of clothes into a tiny space that, somehow, her things did not need.  I just hope the springs on our car will handle the weight.

Lisa called this morning to remind me to pick up a pumpkin cheesecake before we leave out this afternoon.  Sorry, there is no room left for a cheesecake, I informed her.  She laughed and then said what she always says, ” You have no spatial sense. I could pack that car and have plenty of room left over.”  Ok! Einstein, have at it.  I understand the whole spatial relations thing.  But, THERE IS NO MORE SPACE LEFT.  No matter how many different ways this car is packed – eventually you will run out of space.

Anyway – we look forward to bringing ourselves and this car load of sh.., stuff home with us.  And I will stop by Reisbecks grocery and pick up one of their delicious pumpkin cheesecakes.  I’m just not sure where to stick it.  No, no, not there (That was not what I was thinking – I promise. Besides, I would eat it first).

I’ll just have to tie it to the top of the car. 

Merry Packing Christmas!
Steve and Lisa.


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