This is our 200th blog at trippinwithsteveandlisa.com. It began at the Altland House in Abbottstown, Pennsylvania back in June of 2012. Tonight I write from our home in Owensboro, Ky. I have shared our lives with readers from all over our country and some from other parts of the world. Lisa and I have been humbled and blessed by the response and we only hope that our adventures and misadventures have brought a smile to your face.

Recently our blog has taken an unexpected, serious tone as we  allowed readers into Lisa’s fight
against breast cancer. Perhaps something said in telling that story will be a help to someone fighting that battle themselves. Lisa fought hard and people prayed hard and we kicked its ass back into the the hell it comes from. Now we are ready to rejoice hard as she returns to work this week in Cambridge, Ohio. Lisa loves to work. Cardiac Sonography is her calling and she is good at what she does. Thankfully – God has made a way for her and I to follow her job once again. In the morning we will hitch up and head north. God is good!

It seems appropriate that our 200th blog would be at this time and place as we close this chapter – one of the most difficult four months of our lives. We would be remiss to not say ‘thank you’ to those who have supported us during this challenge. This is going to sound completely inadequate and almost trite as we try to say what our hearts feel. But, here goes.

First, we thank our children and their families. Justin and Heather are remarkable in the way they live their lives, take care of their families and display love for Lisa and I. Lori and James are just what we prayed for so many years when thinking about a wife for Justin and a husband for Heather.  They love the Lord and each other – nuff said. We know it has not always been easy on them – our being gone for months at a time. But, they are doing life in a way that makes us proud of them. We miss laughing with them and the joy of Jesus seems to just show up every time we get together. Our family is and has always been a laughing family. We may not have much – but, we have fun.

Thanks to Lisa’s mom and dad (Bobbie and Vernon) they give and give in a way that is an example to us all. I, personally, will miss working with Vernon everyday on our various projects and eating lunch with the two of them nearly every day.  We are grateful for our extended family including Lisa’s brother, Paul, his wife, Donna, and their two remarkable boys, Drew and Luke. And thanks to her brother, John Michael, his wife Tina, and their adorable girls, Lexie and Lauryn. They treated us to a much needed get away in Alabama and offered help anytime we needed it. We can’t wait to see all of them at Disney World in a few weeks. Let’s rock that place!

And as for family – a big thanks to the light in all our lives, Conner Jack. That little curly headed kid is the brightest star in our sky and every time he bounced up our steps into our house and greeted us with his, “Hey! Mimi and Mac!!” – cancer left the room.

Thanks to our friends, our church, and everyone who prayed that we would get past this trial and back on the road. Too many to thank and words are inadequate anyway to express our appreciation. The body of Christ is an amazingly powerful force in our world. When people from our church came and prayed with us, sat with us, fed us and loved on us – we were on holy ground.  A part of the body was sick and the other parts came to heal.

200. Wow! Where will the road lead? What adventures await? What stories will be told? The next blog is just around the corner. Thanks for reading!

We love all of you!
Steve and Lisa.


1 thought on “200

  1. Wow powerful testimony of the importance of God,family, and Christian friends.
    We so look forward to sharing your many adventures. You have a great gift for sharing .

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