Now, Where Were We?

In two weeks, Lisa and I will hitch up the RV and head north to what has become our second home – Cambridge, Ohio. With her radiation treatments now complete – we are trying to pick up where we left off four months ago. Instead of heading west to Kingman, Arizona (where she was contracted to work prior to her breast cancer diagnosis) we are returning to Cambridge and Southeastern Medical for (at least) a thirteen week assignment.

These past four months have been remarkable. In an almost unexplanable way they have been the most challenging and yet enjoyable time of our lives. Cancer creates tension and uncertainty that is emotionally exhausting and there were plenty of hand wringing moments and way too many sleepless nights. But, amazingly, Lisa has recovered from her surgery and radiation treatments unexplainably well. In fact – her doctors have been stunned at how well she has handled both, calling her the “perfect cancer patient”.  The prayers of our family, friends, and a group of cloistered nuns in Alabama, have been the vehicle God has used to do His amazing work. Why do people get cancer? I have no idea. Why do some never respond to treatment? I have no idea. Why did God choose to bless Lisa with such a smooth recovery? I have no idea. But this I do know – He is God and according to scripture “He will do according to His good will and pleasure”.  All we can do is pray and then praise and acknowledge Him for the outcome. So here goes: “Hey everybody! Take a look at what God did in Lisa’s life.  Mark it well – He did a great thing.”

Our extended stay has allowed us to get some things done here at home and, more importantly, reconnect with our family.  I do need to admit that part of me is looking forward to getting away from here. Give Lisa about twelve seconds and she will have, at least, three more ideas and projects for me to complete. I never knew how many things were needing to be painted, wired, hung, hammered, dry walled, patched, caulked, sealed, sanded, and stained. But, apparently, Lisa did.

So now we are wrapping up our final two weeks here at home and squeezing in as much time with our family (especially Conner Jack) and friends. There will be follow up doctor visits and the need for more prayers as we await the day doctors give Lisa the ‘all clear’ and we can close this chapter of our lives for good.  And, I am certain, Lisa will find reason to use the last drop of paint and squeeze out a little more caulk before all is said and done.

Now and then it will probably be wise for us to revisit these past four months.  We will look back and remember the days people cried with us, worried with us, fed us, sat in the hospital with us, celebrated with us and sometime during their day or night said a prayer for us. 

And if you were one of those people, thank you!

Now, where were we?

Love, Steve and Lisa.


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