“How would you like to go back to Kingman, Arizona?”  That question Lisa asked me back in March took me by surprise and her unexpected phone call to me set my mind spinning with the thought of returning to one of our favorite assignments. “Okay! Let’s go to Kingman.”


We began planning for our trip west soon after the contract was signed and our final two months in Cambridge, Ohio flew by in anticipation of the next leg of our traveling adventure.  This would be the first time we had returned to a previous work location and we were excited to go back to a familiar place and renew old friendships.


I made reservations at familiar camping spots along the four day journey.  Springfield, Missouri – Amarillo, Texas – Holbrook, Arizona – and, finally, Kingman.  Dates for travel were set and we were ready.

Invasive Ductal Carcinoma!

It was exciting to be going home for a few weeks before we headed west. We would have time to spend with our grandson, Conner Jack, and take care of things like doctor appointments and other minor details.  I scheduled an appointment for lab work and had an examination of my left knee that was giving me trouble.  Lisa scheduled an appointment for a check-up with her doctor and have a mammogram – just routine stuff.


During our time at home, our truck broke down and the unexpected $2,300.00 repair sent me into a tailspin. I paced around the house nervous that the truck would not be ready in time to leave on the planned date.  What would we do?  A contingency plan was made to leave a day later, if necessary, and still arrive in Kingman in time for Lisa to begin work June first.  We will be cutting it close.  Got to get Kingman, Arizona.


Lisa’s doctor appointments went well. Her mammogram showed an anamoly that would need a biopsy – nothing to worry about.  Probably a fatty tumor that may need to eventually be removed.  No worries. 

6 – 8 weeks recovery!

The truck was still not ready.  How slow could this place be?  I worried myself into sickness over the truck.  They were overcharging and taking way too long.  What will we do?  Maybe Lisa could fly out and stay with friends and I could bring the RV later.  I had to figure this out.  The stupid truck was messing up our perfect travel plans. 

Did you say – Cancer?

Lisa’s biopsy left her bruised and in pain.  But, we had nothing to worry about.  A follow-up meeting was scheduled with the radiologist the day before we were to leave for Kingman.  We will stop by to see him in between running errands as we make final preparations to leave.  I call the mechanic and it looks like the truck will be ready in time.  Nothing like the last minute.  My mind is on that 1700 mile trek across the country.  I am worrying about our truck making it.  We leave tomorrow morning.  It is too late to worry about it now.

Time to stop by and talk to the radiologist.  Let’s get this over with – got too much to do.

We walk into a dark room. X-rays are visible on the computer screen. The doctor is waiting for us.  Something seems wrong.

It’s cancer.  The world stops turning. I feel light headed.  I look at Lisa. She tries to ask questions but is crying.  We cannot hear anything else the doctor is saying.  Somebody slap me out of this nightmare.  It takes only a couple of minutes and we are now walking back to our car.  I wrap my arm around Lisa. I don’t know what to do. 


I get a call from the mechanic.  The truck is ready.

We learned over the next few days that Lisa will require surgery and follow up radiation treatment.  The prognosis is good and we are hopeful for a full recovery.  We are not sure when we will be back on the road. 

But we know (at least) our truck is ready. 

You know – it’s a funny thing.  I don’t care about that truck anymore.


5 thoughts on “Cancer

  1. Steve and Lisa so sorry you all going through this. Praying for a quick recovery . If anyone can kick this Lisa can.

  2. I have been there. Things that you think are important, do not matter anymore. Enjoy your post.

  3. Another amazing post, Steve McFarland. And please continue to hug my friend until I can get there to do it myself. Sending our love and prayers your way.
    Michele & Steve

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