This marks the 150th blog that has been posted here at trippinwithsteveandlisa.com.  Two years ago Lisa and I set out from Owensboro, Ky. (following my retirement) and headed for Hanover, Pa.   It would be the start of an adventure that has taken us from there to southern California, Arizona, Georgia and now, eastern Ohio.  There have been many wonderful experiences but also some long, lonely nights of missing family and friends.  This blog has served as a way to stay connected to our friends and family and to share our travel experiences.  It is my hope that something I have written has brought a smile to your face or touched your life in some way.  If that happened – I thank God.  We have had almost 15,000 hits on this little blog over the past two years and as many as 1600 readers for one of the articles.  I am humbled by the response of many who have told me they have been encouraged by these stories and observations from our travel experiences. 

It has been my intention to write in an open and honest voice and have learned that many readers relate to the experiences I have shared – including some of the painful realities of life as Lisa and I have experienced them.  I have left myself open to extreme criticism and exposed our lives to the world and its harsh judgements.  Writing is a vulnerable activity and once that “Publish” button is pushed – the world has access.  I will continue to expose that part of our lives to the world and pray that God will give me a voice for others who share similar life experiences. 

People often tell me I should be a writer.  Over time I realize that I am a writer – I just don’t get paid.  I write because I have to – it is just part of who I am.  Forgive me if I sometimes fail grammatically – I am writer, editor and publisher and I make mistakes.  Thank you for overlooking the errors. 

Who knows where God will send us from here or what adventures lie ahead?  Lisa and I are just glad you have traveled this road with us.

God bless all of our readers and thank you!

Steve and Lisa


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