Last Day in Georgia

Lisa and I are ready to pack it in here in Georgia and head home to Kentucky.  Tomorrow we will pull out of Stone Mountain Campground and head north toward the wintry weather of home.  With the exception of a couple of brief trips home – we have been gone now for two months and are ready for a break – even if it may be brief.

Without question this assignment here in Georgia has been the most difficult we have experienced thus far – for a number of reasons.  We never expected the snow storms or single digit temperatures here in central Georgia and enduring it in our RV has been a daily battle.  These last couple of weeks have been a little better with warmer temperatures but like most people in America – we cannot wait for spring.  Along with the winter weather – we have had to deal with Lisa’s thirty-five mile commute to Riverdale.  Traffic in Atlanta is worse than anywhere we have been so far and that includes New York, Baltimore, and Los Angeles.  We have loved the southern hospitality and kindness of everyone here and for the first time in our traveling – our accent is not a topic of every conversation.  But we are ready to move on.  Stone Mountain may be the prettiest setting we have stayed (as far as the campground) – but the off-season months offer very little in terms of activity and, with the exception of the weekends, we have been practically alone.  We love the peace and quiet but miss meeting and getting to know people as we did in Arizona and California.

We don’t know where Lisa’s job will take us next.  Lisa has been recommended for a job in Monroe, Wisconsin where I noticed the high was seven degrees yesterday.  Yikes!  We have learned to not jump the gun thinking the first job offer will be the one.  Who knows where we will end up but we should know something in the next week or two.

But we do know that tomorrow we are heading home.  And there is no place like home.

Love, Steve and Lisa


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