Winter in Our RV – A Poem

Winter in Our RV

Snow is in the forecast – another winter storm

It’s unusual for Atlanta – where sixties are the norm.

They say that this may be the worst so take heed and be aware

The last time they had a two-inch snow a state disaster was declared.

It only took a minor snow to shut highways down for miles

People left their frozen cars and slept in Kroger aisles.

But this time will be different – schools are canceled until May

And they have called in reinforcements with snowplows on their way.

So – buy up all the eggs and milk and get your asses off the road

This winter storm apocalypse will take your life – ‘fo sho!’

So this time we were ready – we found a hotel room to stay

And then we hoped the ice and snow would take the RV away.

Perhaps a limb would smash it flat and ruin everything inside

Or maybe something would ignite and send it flying through the sky.

We just hope there is such damage that our RV is no more

And the winter storms of Atlanta would be our ticket to the store

Where Lisa gets the new RV she has been bugging me about

And not having a leaky roof will even make me shout.

But in the end our old RV withstood the snow and all

Through all the wind, snow and ice – the stupid thing stood tall.

How in the hell has it withstood those Amarillo winds?

Or stayed together in the desert and other places we have been.

No – this winter will not kill it – no ice, wind, snow or rain.

But if Lisa says “New RV” again – I think I’ll go insane.











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