Surviving Winter

Admittedly we have not experienced every situation possible while living in our RV during Lisa’s travel assignments.  But in just a year and half doing this – I can tell you that list is growing shorter and shorter.

In Amarillo, Texas we experienced (what felt like) hurricane force winds that shut down the highway and had Lisa and I huddled in the middle of the bed.  While in Arizona we lived through the famous Mohave Desert monsoon season and record high temperatures that could fry an egg on an ice chest – delightful.  While in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania we survived thunderstorms so severe that one blew our awning into a nearby tree and had granite civil war soldiers running for cover.  I am fairly certain that particular storm washed away a good portion of “Little Round Top” – a famous battlefield location that we happened to be visiting when the heavens decided to open.  Now we are in Georgia and have lived through the coldest temperatures seen here in Stone Mountain in nearly fifty years.

Six degrees with a  wind chill of eight below zero and we survived.  After wrapping our water hose with everything short of mud and leaves and after burning through nearly all our propane in two days – Lisa and I survived the coldest night we have experienced in our RV.  But – it was not easy – at least not for me.  I was a basket case all night long.  Every few hours I would wake up and shine a flashlight on our sink faucet to be sure it was still dripping and then lay back down to listen to what sounded like pipes bursting below.  Lisa could not have cared less if our RV made it or not and I am certain she was secretly hoping and praying it would completely freeze up so we would have to buy the new one she has been wanting.  While I sat chewing my fingernails down to the bloody bone – she slept like a baby.  Fortunately – we had water and heat the next morning when the long, cold winter night was finally over.  Another RV adventure in the books.

Now we find ourselves in balmy 40 degree temperatures and hoping that the worst is behind us.  Lisa agreed to extend her contract to work here through February – allowing us another month to enjoy the beautiful scenery here at Stone Mountain and to be afforded the opportunity to drive home on weekends – if we choose.

Another first occurred for us this week as we experienced our first separation during a traveling assignment.  We went home for a funeral and to spend time with our family this past weekend and I stayed back a few extra days to work on some things at home while she returned to the RV and work.  Needless to say I was on pins and needles thinking that she would never be able to manage without me – but she did just fine. Dang it!  Actually I was relieved that she did as well as she did and it is good having good neighbors willing to do good things for you when you need them.  That is a good thing.  She did (finally) admit she missed me being here and I (yes) missed her.

Stone Mountain is a gorgeous place and we are hoping the weather will be to our liking as we work through this assignment for at least the next six weeks.  Lisa has now managed to be extended in every assignment she has worked – a credit to her and her abilities.  Maybe somewhere in all that I can take some credit.  I do take great pride in my ability to watch a dripping faucet.  Now that takes skill.

Stay warm and keep calm!  Steve and Lisa


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