This is Georgia?

Lisa and I are a long way from the Mohave Desert.  Back in July when we first arrived there for her assignment in Kingman, Arizona – I never thought I would say I miss 115 degrees.  But right now – here in frozen Georgia – I do.

We have finally settled here at Stone Mountain Georgia and are preparing for what is expected to be the coldest couple of days and nights since 1970.  We brought record breaking heat to Arizona when we arrived and now we come south to this.  If people around the country find out about the type of weather Lisa and I seem to cause – they may pay us stay away.   People from the south are not used to these temperatures – but neither are Lisa and I.  It is one thing to deal with this in a house – quite another in an RV.  We have wrapped our water hoses – filled our propane tanks (I promised Lisa they will work this time) and gathered up all our blankets and covers.  This may be a really long night.

As for this placement – Lisa is working through her first day at the time of this writing.  We have to drive around 35 miles each way to and from her work in Riverdale.  Traffic is zooming at 7:30 in the morning and we will just have to adjust to leaving an hour before her start time.  In Owensboro people can get wherever they want to go in about ten minutes. I really think Owensboro city officials have missed a golden opportunity to promote our community in a little different way.  The new riverfront development is wonderful but how about –  “Owensboro – where you are ten minutes from everywhere”.

We will be here in Georgia until at least the end of January and may go home on weekends.  At this point in this adventure there are too many unknowns to really say for sure.  We are just hoping to survive the next two nights and then we will decide about day three here in Atlanta.

Stay Warm! – Steve and Lisa


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