Back on the Road

Lisa and I have made reservations to stay at the Stone Mountain RV Park in Georgia as she begins her four-week assignment in Riverdale.  After looking at all the options – we chose to stay in this well established, highly recommended location even though it will be a thirty mile drive to and from her work place.  Sometimes we have to sacrifice for safety and amenities.

With those plans now set – we will soon say good-bye again to our family and friends but this time – only for the next month.  God knows where we will be after January – but there is a good possibility we will be back in Arizona.  We will learn soon enough.

But what a time it has been for Lisa and I these past two month.  I’m not sure we have ever or will ever experience such a whirlwind of activity in such a short time span.  Soon after arriving home in early November we were off to Disney World for our son’s wedding.  I hope to chronicle the wonderful (even magical) experience that was for our family – I simply have not had time.  After arriving back home we had a reception that I wrote about in a previous post that people are still talking about.  What a party – what a celebration.  Along with all the wedding stuff – I helped remodel our daughter’s kitchen, purchased a piece of investment property along with my brother-in-law and spent some quality time with our precious grandson, Conner Jack.

Now it is back on the road.  We will leave on Thursday (1/2/14) and begin our time in Georgia.  It will be good being only 400 miles from home rather than 1800 and there is a good chance we will make it home on weekends.  Getting back on the road will allow me time to write about all our experiences of these past two months.  Thanks for reading!

Love, Steve and Lisa


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