Packing Up and Going Home

When my brother and I were kids playing in our neighborhood – back in the day when summers seemed to last forever and playing outside was mandatory – our dad would step onto our little front porch and blow a whistle indicating it was time to go home.  We could hear that whistle blocks away and knew that he meant business.  It was time to get home – and now.

The whistle is blowing for Lisa and I.  We hear it blowing for us to get home finally after five months here in Kingman.  And so the packing up has begun and Thursday morning – we will head east toward Kentucky.

There is much that we will miss here in Kingman – the mountains, the warm weather, the sunrises and sunsets, the people we have made friends with.  We may return someday for either a visit or with Lisa’s work – who knows?  We hope to visit JC and Carol again in Vegas and stop by to see how Glen and Kay are making out in their new house outside Kingman.  We may even bowl again with Diane and Tom (although I doubt another 254 score is possible).  Lisa is going to miss many of the co-workers who have become friends – and we both will miss the staff here at our campground.

But – nothing can keep us from home.  Last year we missed Christmas while in Loma Linda, California and it was one of the worst, most painful holidays we ever experienced.  We vowed that if at all possible we would never miss Christmas at home again.  When we get home there is a kitchen to remodel, a wedding to plan, holidays to celebrate, and family and friends to catch up with.  One of my first stops will be for a chocolate long-john from “Rolling Pin” bakery and a good, greasy, hamburger from the “Dipper”.

But there is also a little grandson who has grown over the past five months and we can’t wait to get our hands on him.  What a reunion it will be.

Home – We are going home!

See you soon!

Steve and Lisa


1 thought on “Packing Up and Going Home

  1. Glad you are heading back to the Big-O. Kentucky is always a wonderful place to be.The beautiful fall colors, hills, valleys, southern accents, and good food. What more could you want? I know you are especially looking forward to bonding with your grandson and watching all the new “tricks” he can do. Drive safe and watch for deer as your reenter our wonderful Kentucky land.

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