Dear Conner Jack,

Dear Conner Jack,

Your Mimi and Mac wanted to write and tell you how much we have missed you these past months and how excited we are to see you again.  Of course, we are looking forward to seeing your mommy and daddy and everyone else.  But we have really missed you.  We have not seen you since you were just a little more than two months old.  And now you are almost seven months old.  In just three weeks we will be driving home and we hope you are ready for a lot of giant hugs and kisses because we have a lot stored up.  Your mommy sends us pictures all the time and, boy, you are growing so big.  They say you are a happy baby – always smiling and hardly ever upset.  We have seen you smiling and laughing on the videos your mommy records for us.  I’ll bet they are funny aren’t they?  And we know how much you love your Aunts and Uncles and all the other relatives who think you hung the moon.  Hung the moon?  Oh – that is just a silly saying.  We will explain that to you someday.  You have so much to learn and it will be so much fun.

You know what?  When your mommy and Uncle Justin were little – Mac would hold them standing in his one hand and they would just grin and grin and other people would stare at them.  Do you think you can do that?  We bet you can.  If you feel like it and if your mommy and daddy don’t care – you and Mac can give it a try when he gets home.

How do you like your bedroom?  Did you know that Mac painted that room for you?  We sure hope you like baseball because your daddy sure does.  Mac even painted a score clock that gives the time you were born.  And some of the clothes we have seen you wearing were bought in a place called Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  It is a very famous place that Mimi and Mac look forward to taking you someday.  But you will need to be a little bit bigger for that trip.  Ok?

Hey Conner – know what?  Mimi and Mac saw some horses here in Arizona and we also saw a place called the Grand Canyon.  It is a really just a big hole in the ground but you will really enjoy seeing that someday.  Gosh – you have so many wonderful things to see in your life and Mimi and Mac can’t wait to share those things with you.

Now we want you to know one more thing – OK?  We love you very much.  We are so sorry that we missed seeing you grow so big these last several months – but we had to be away.  Now we are aching to hold you again and see that smile and hear that laugh that everyone has been talking about.  We even have some gifts to bring you that Mimi bought and we think you will really like them.  It will be so much fun.

Now, Conner Jack, you keep growing and keep smiling and laughing.  Be good for mommy and daddy.  They work real hard to take care of you so you need to help out all you can.  Just keep smiling real big for them every morning and that will make their day so much better.  That is all you have to do – for now.  One day very soon you will be looking out that front door and your Mimi and Mac will show up.  Please save one of those big smiles for us.

We love you, Conner Jack!

Mimi and Mac


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