Into November

“We will be home in mid-August.”  At least that was what we told everyone since it was  the original plan when Lisa and I traveled west here to Kingman AZ.  Not a week after being on the job the hospital asked her to extend two more months.  So – it was thought we would leave here on October 24th.  Nope.  Lisa agreed yesterday to give them until November 6th.  With our son’s wedding coming up in late November – that will be all we can do here for now.

There is a distinct possibility that Lisa will be asked back here after Christmas.  Will we return?  Who knows?

So we will at least be able to enjoy what everyone here says is the best time to be in Arizona – October and November.  But we have learned to not get ahead of ourselves in hoping for cooler weather.  Something tells us that we may have record high fall temperatures here since we are hanging around until then.  These poor people had to deal with one hundred year record highs in June when we arrived.  Now we are cursing them with possible record temperatures through October. 

But, please don’t let anyone know here in Arizona that it is the McFarland’s that caused this.  Just a few miles from here in Oatman they stage daily (fake) shoot-outs.  If they find out we are the cause of all this strange weather – they may stage one with us as the main players.  But this time with real bullets. 

See you in November! (we think)

Steve and Lisa


1 thought on “Into November

  1. I was on a 14 day bus trip and we took a side trip to Oatman. It had rained the night before we were there and it had flooded so that some of the workers couldn’t get there to work. We enjoyed our brief visit!

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