Life Will Go On

There is a change in the air here in Kingman Arizona.  It is actually feeling a little like fall in Kentucky.  At least it has felt that way the last few days.  We have been hit with some consistent rain over the last week or so and with that the temperatures have finally fallen into the mid 80’s during the day and low 70’s at night.  Although not quite sweatshirt weather – the change in seasons has reminded Lisa and I how long we have been have been away from home with still two more months to go here in the Mohave Desert.  Everyone tells us that September and October are absolutely beautiful here with lower temperatures and less concern about the monsoons.  We look forward to that.

We have seen children waiting for buses here as they began school in full last week.  Here, we learned, elementary school begins a week before all the rest (not sure the reason) but now all the kids are in school in full swing.  I noticed one little girl this morning at the bus stop wearing high heel shoes that looked two sizes too big as if they were all she had to wear.  I immediately thought of all the kids back home that are helped with school clothes through various agencies and how blessed they are to have such a caring community.  Kingman is not a wealthy place and by the looks of the homes in the area my guess is that many families are struggling to buy school clothes. There are a number of “thrift stores” and outreach programs here that, I assume, provide families assistance.  In some of the neighborhoods we drive through – it appears some are living in abject poverty. But this is nothing new.  Everywhere we have been – be it in western Kentucky, southeast Pennsylvania, southern California or here in northwest Arizona I have been reminded of Jesus words – “The poor will be with you always.”

There is a large number of native Americans living in Kingman and Lisa has come to know one who works with her at the hospital.  She is a fascinating woman with an incredible story that I will be writing more about in a future post.  It is apparent that many native Americans are still struggling to make a living and alcoholism and drug abuse are abnormally high for that population.  It is sad to see such a proud culture being destroyed by drug abuse.  Lisa and I have learned that the problems we may have thought were only in Kentucky are, in fact, shared by all other communities in America.  I don’t know whether to feel better or worse knowing that.

With the change in the seasons fast approaching – we find ourselves starting a countdown of our final sixty days here in the west.  By the time we arrive home the leaves will have turned colors and turned loose from their branches.  The high school football season will be nearly completed with Halloween just days away.  And life here in Kingman will go one.  Children will be at their bus stops, golf carts and four-wheelers will be driving down the road, flash flood warnings will be a weekly occurrence and here at the KOA campground – site #96 will be home to someone other than the McFarland’s.

And life will go on.

Have a great day!

Steve and Lisa


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