Senior Day at the Movies

The movie theater here in Kingman features four movies you can choose from at any given time.  Apparently the theater is incapable of handling 3-D movies and many of the films Lisa and I would like to see never make it here.  Kingman has less than 30,000 residents which explains the reason for only a four screen theater.  We can live with that.  Sometimes too many choices is just that – too many.  Lisa and I have probably watched more movies here in Kingman in the short time we have been here than we watched in a year back home in Kentucky.  When the weather outside is 110 degrees – you look for any place with air conditioning.  Movies are a good place to stay cool for a couple of hours.

We have also discovered that many people living in RV campgrounds search out the best deals in terms of restaurants, grocery deals, and entertainment discounts.  My golf buddy, J.C., told me about a golf course nearby that cost just $15 bucks per person and that includes cart.  These “full timers” know how to find a deal – and we’re good with that.  We overlook the fact that often they want to eat supper at 3:00 in the afternoon – when prices are discounted.  We feel like we are living in Jerry Seinfeld’s parents community in Florida.

Today (Wednesday) Lisa and I took advantage of one of those “senior discount deals” and took in a 10:00AM movie at the theater.  Every first Wednesday of the month – a 10:00AM movie is featured for $1 and that includes popcorn and a drink.  You read that right – one dollar!  Since Lisa was off work today – we decided to take advantage of the deal along with several others from our RV park.

When we arrived we learned that the featured dollar movie was not a first run film.  In fact, the feature today was an old Elvis movie from 1961.  Oh well – what should we expect for a buck?  The popcorn and soft drink alone was worth the price of admission and besides – what else was there to do today?  So we entered the theater and immediately realized we were (by far) the youngest people in the place.  I noticed that the lady taking our ticket looked me over pretty good but did not ask my age.  I think you had to be at least seventy and show proof of age with either an AARP card or a “Depends” box top – which Lisa and I had neither – but she allowed us to go in anyway.  Now feeling completely stupid we made our way into the theater dodging walkers and oxygen tanks.  The smell of buttered popcorn, moth balls, Vicks Vapor Rub and some unmentionable smells permeated the theater air as Elvis took the screen.

Soon after the movie began – a gentleman across the aisle from us began choking on his popcorn and Lisa and I discussed which one of us would do CPR on him.  She was just re-certified last week – so she was chosen for the job.  Fortunately he made it through the movie but hacked and gagged periodically all the way to the end.

I use to think teenagers were the loudest people in a theater but Lisa and I both learned today they can’t hold a candle to senior adults.  Cell phones rang louder than train whistles throughout the movie and not only that – they answered them.  Also, Elvis must have been hot stuff back in their day – he still created some “Oohs” and “Ahhs” from the crowd and many felt the need to comment about everything that happened.  About halfway through the movie – Lisa and I, almost simultaneously, started laughing. This is one of the moments we will talk about a long time from now.

The movie ended and we began inching down the aisle behind the walkers and wheelchairs. I am glad Kingman has this service for its seniors – they seemed to enjoy their morning at the movie and in the end – Lisa and I enjoyed it was well.

We will have two more opportunities to see a movie with our new senior friends before heading back to Kentucky.  I told Lisa – not to worry next month.  Those dates are on me.

Laughing at life!

Steve and Lisa


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