These Are Some Ugly People

Time for a little ranting.

I’m sick and tired of telling people I’m from Kentucky and having some snide comment like, “Do they wear shoes in Kentucky” or mockingly repeat, “Did you say, Kantuky?”  Okay we may talk funny and I know there are poor, toothless people there but – come on?  Let me tell you this – Arizona ain’t got nuthin on them people back in Kantuky.  They some ugly people out here – I’m just sayin.

Now don’t take all this the wrong way.  People here are nice, hard working, good people.  At least that is the impression Lisa and I have of the place.  But never say Kentucky has the corner on ugly or ignorance.  I’m telling you all the places we have lived so far have their share of “Bubbas” and bad tattoos.  Speaking of tattoos – I once believed Kentucky must have had a corner on the market.  In fact, I have the firm belief that people going to “Holiday World” (an amusement park in southern Indiana very near our home in western Kentucky) receive an admission discount for every visible tattoo though I have not been able to confirm this. But, apparently, Arizona provides some sort of tax break for bad tattoos.  I saw a lady that had to be 106 the other day with a tramp stamp tattooed on her backside that looked like a hummingbird.  As I got closer I realized it was wrinkled up bald eagle.  If you don’t have a tattoo in Kingman – you ain’t nothin.  Look – I don’t mean to say everybody has one – but I saw a nun here the other day with a tat of the Pope.

So there are ugly – tattooed, toothless people everywhere and not just in Kentucky.  For all our friends back home who are proud of their bluegrass heritage – Lisa and I want you to know – you are not abnormally stupid, ugly or overly tattooed.

Either those types are everywhere or all our distant cousins moved to Arizona.

Looking the other way,

Steve and Lisa


1 thought on “These Are Some Ugly People

  1. Korntucky, Kaintucky, and “You mean, Kenucky Fried Chicken, right?”. I have heard it all the time. I get it tired of that too. It’s a bad stereotype on us. It makes you a little more understanding of others who are stereotyped throughout their life.

    Maybe that little old lady along with some others need to go to to the “Bad Tattoo” shop in Vegas. It’s a new show that’s starting up in the fall about this place. It reminds me of a song I heard this weekend by Don Schlitz at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville called “The Tattoo Redo”. Real funny.

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