The Green, Green Grass of Home

Traveling with Lisa’s job this past year has allowed us to experience life in various places – see some amazing things and meet some wonderful people.  But along the way we have grown more appreciative of home.  While in Pennsylvania we found ourselves missing the high school football season and sweet tea.  In Loma Linda California we missed Christmas at home with family, gas under $4 a gallon and the good chance of snow in December.

Now we are experiencing our second week in Kingman Arizona and already know one thing we miss – grass.

I go through a phase every summer when it crosses my mind to lay fake grass turf in  our yard to avoid mowing.  In the spring the grass grows so fast it is hardly necessary to put the mower away before needing to crank it up again.  Grass grows everywhere in Kentucky.  It will find every crack in the sidewalk and has been known to pull down gutters as it roots itself among roofing gravel and rotting leaves.  Caring for a yard in Kentucky calls for an arsenal of tools and talent to keep a lawn looking acceptable.  Not here in Arizona.  All you need is a stiff rake.

Lisa and I are just not use to the rocky, sandy, dusty, dirty appearance of lawns here in the desert.  Where you find grass growing here you will also find a lawn watering system sophisticated enough to care for a major league baseball field.  Now when I see a grassy area – I want to stop the truck and throw myself headlong into it.  Lawn mower salesmen are starving to death out here.

While in Gettysburg last summer – the campground where we stayed required long-term campers (like ourselves) to weed their own campsites.  I had to go purchase a weed eater and (not really knowing what expect) brought it with us out here to Arizona.  I found a little patch of something growing near our camper the other day and am hoping it gets high enough to require a little weed eating – which should help me feel like home. We have found Kingman to have every amenity in terms of restaurants, groceries and entertainment – just no grass.

So next time you have to go out and cut grass – think of us out here in the desert.  And go easy with that “Round-Up” will you?.  Those weeds really are beautiful things.

Happy mowing!

Steve and Lisa


1 thought on “The Green, Green Grass of Home

  1. I totally agree with your statements regarding grass and green. When we flew out to Vegas, the closer we got to the Rockies the more we could see from the plane how gray things were becoming. We were amazed at the change of landscape. Don’t get me wrong….we had an amazing time while we were there and loved and respected the changes in nature that God has given us. BUT, we were ready to get back to the green, the hills, the trees and more. I guess I’m a Kentucky girl through and through. I still love to travel anywhere and everywhere. Coming back home is always the best! 🙂

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