Settling In

Lisa’s first day at the Kingman (AZ) Regional Medical Center was a smooth one for her and learned she will work into a schedule of twelve-hour days and a “seven on – seven off” rotation.  This will allow us to possibly travel home occasionally for a week at a time as well as spend more time for friends and family to come out for a visit.  Lisa also learned that it was highly likely that this assignment will go into October. It has been our wish that we can be home this year in November and December – unlike last year.

We are still trying to get use to the desert weather but so far the temperatures have been tolerable in the mid 90s.  That may change this weekend with temps hitting 107.  If you smell burning flesh – it may be mine.  The wind keeps the dry air stirring and helps with the temperatures but everything is so dusty it will be impossible to keep our truck clean.  I saw two hitchhikers the other day out here and they were so dusty they reminded me of the sand people from Star Wars.  Our RV sits next to a large field (or desert looking area – not sure what to call it) and blows dust onto everything but does afford us a beautiful view of the sunrise.  The sunrises and sunsets here are breathtaking.

Lisa and I traveled to Hoover Dam on Sunday and did the tour of the power plant – something we did not get to do when we drove through on our way to Loma Linda CA back in December.  What an amazing engineering accomplishment!  Later we traveled to Las Vegas for supper.  Vegas will be the best airport to fly in and out of as it is only about an hour and half from Kingman.

We hope to go to Lake Havasu City this weekend (sixty miles away) and see that area which includes the London Bridge that was moved here in 1971.  We both are also looking forward to taking a train from Williams AZ. to the Grand Canyon.

Weather reports here are preparing residents for what they call “Monsoon Season”.  Apparently rains can fall here in biblical levels and we have already scouted out ways to get Lisa to work should our back roads become flooded.  I may price some two-man canoes.  I’m sure the rain would be welcomed here – no matter how intense it may come.  We noticed how trenches are dug around the small trees here in the campground with water piped in to keep them alive.

Still looking for Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner to make an appearance.

Stay in touch!

Steve and Lisa


1 thought on “Settling In

  1. I’m glad you made it to the wild, dusty West. We have been to some of the areas you have traveled to, so it’s fun to get your opinion on things. We flew out to Vegas two years ago in November when Alliegient was still flying there from the Big-O. We spent two days there and then headed out to the national parks. Zion, Red Rock, Bryce Canyon, the north rim of the Grand Canyon, Walnut Grove Canyon, and Slide Rock St. Park. We also like you saw Hoover Dam and was so impressed. We love the West, but we also missed our green…trees and grass. I was always waiting to see Kevin Costner looking down at us from the top of a mesa as he was scouting for “Tatanka”. It’s amazing landscape. Many years ago, when the kids were little, 4 and 6, we camped all the way out west and back. One of the places we stopped was in Williams. We took the steam train up which had just opened. It was lots of fun. The train robbery scared the kids with the bad guys, but they got over it. They drop you off at the South Rim which was wonderful. We remember the rainy season too. Many places we camped at were on reservations. We were warned to be mindful of the storms. They told us that many of the natives drown in small amounts of water because they don’t know how to swim, and the place floods quickly. In fact as we returned on the train to Williams it started to rain, and that’s when we remembered that someone had forgotton to zip up the front of the tent. We had dug our trench around the tents, but the kids ended up sleeping in the van, and we slept in the the other slightly dryer tent. Ahhh the memories. Anyway, you need to go to Seligman, AZ, which is not far from you. It’s on Route 66. If you blink, you’ll be out of the town, but they do have several really cool places to see. One is Delgadillos Snow Cap restaurant. There are a few other businesses connected to that. It’s an amazing place to see and we wandered around for more than an hour. The restaurant (more like the Dipper) was not open that day, or we would have stayed longer. Enjoy the lands around you. They are amazing. 🙂

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