Where Water Runs West


Here is a classic moment between Lisa and I as we traveled across the country to California. Yesterday we passed a sign that said “Continental Divide”. Lisa noticed the sign first and exclaimed, “Hey! We just crossed the Continental Divide”! To which after a long pause I replied “What the hell does that mean?” She “googled” the answer and explained it is where the water (rivers, streams, etc.) begin flowing to the west or east depending on which side of the “ridge” you are located. Every continent has a “continental divide”. So we are now where the water runs west. 

Our long journey from Owensboro Ky to Loma Linda California is nearly at an end as we rolled into Las Vegas last night around six o’clock (PST). After stopping off at Hoover Dam (where Lisa nearly fainted as we drove along the edge of the canyon) we checked into the Vdera Hotel and took in some of the sights. Lisa has been to Vegas a few times – even brought my mom with her once – but this was my first Vegas experience. Wow! Just walking from one resort to another was amazing. The Christmas decorations are absolutely over the top and the sprawling size of some resorts had us disoriented to the point of not being sure where we were. There are no clocks, no chairs (except at the slot machines) and very few exits. This place wants your money and is expert at finding ways to get it. We hope to see more of the sights today before leaving tomorrow (Tuesday) for our final three hours to Loma Linda.

Driving across country is something I’m glad to say we have done – but I’m not sure I want to do again. There is just so much I can take of the western landscape. Enduring canyon after canyon after vast plain after more open, flat, dusty, windy, mile after mile is a test in patience and will power. Not saying it isn’t spectacular in terms of scope and unique beauty – but not twelve hundred miles of it. I never thought I would say I missed the farmlands of Kentucky – but at least there are trees. About the only thing that saved our sanity was that we managed to listen to Christmas music on the radio all the way across the country but even Burl Ives “Holly – Jolly” became a little “Holy – Crappy” after 24 hours.

Viva Las Vegas!


1 thought on “Where Water Runs West

  1. We were amazed with Hoover Dam. The construction of such a place with the type of manpower and technology they had is unbelievable. I hope you took the tour. We then walked on the bridge with two names to see the bridge from farther away. We loved the outside “shows” in Vegas that were free. The water show at the Bellagio was amazing. We took in many national parks while we had our week there. I would suggest getting a National Park Pass. It’s worth the cost and lasts a year. You and Lisa will have opportunity and better weather coming home to see many of them. You’re also in an area to view the CA parks on the weekend. Enjoy…..again, I’m insanely jealous of your traveling freedom.

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