Back Home

It’s good to be home.

For the past week Lisa and I have enjoyed catching up with our family and friends here in Owensboro, Ky as we wait for her next assignment.  Who knows where that will be.  It is possible that we will be heading to Los Angeles this week for a four-week assignment – but really we won’t know until they call and tell us.  She is also in for jobs in Montana, Oregon and Missouri.

We were able to spend time this weekend with Lisa’s younger brother and his family in Alabama.  John’s youngest daughter, Lauryn, was celebrating her birthday and we visited with them and took in my first turkey shoot all at the same time.  In Alabama they love two things – football and hunting.  I’m not sure what order they fall in terms of their priority – but if you don’t fly the flag of the Crimson Tide and have a gun case with at least three fire arms – you ain’t right.

Our son, Justin and son-in-law (“fun-in-law” Lisa calls him) James Morris, went to see our beloved Chicago Bears destroy the Tennessee Titans yesterday in Nashville.  I was able to catch up with our former pastor of Bellevue and good friend, Bret Robbe, and although he is a Titan fan – we had a great time watching the game together.  We almost did not make it in time as it occurred to us that I had forgotten the tickets about an hour into our trip to Nashville.  Lisa met us half way and gave me that -“God – you are such a dumb ass” look that only she can give.  I just kissed her – took the tickets and ran to the car.  But we made it in plenty of time.  Thanks to a connection Justin’s girlfriend, Lori Johnson, had with someone – we managed to get really good tickets.  It was great – Bears 51 – Titans 20.  “Bear Down Bears!”

We miss our friends in Pennsylvania and Lisa has been keeping up with things there in Hanover.  Fortunately everyone survived the storm without a lot of damage.  Our RV finally made it home to us after three days following long delays due to the storm.  We have stored it away for now – but may be hauling it out again if our next assignment is in a warm enough climate.

We appreciate everyone following our blog and promise to continue writing about our travels.

God Bless!

Steve and Lisa


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