A Taste of Hershey

One of the blessings about being assigned here in central Pennsylvania is the easy access to many famous places – most of which are less than sixty miles away.  Lisa and I spend most weekends traveling around the area to not only the larger cities (DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York) but to the smaller towns and venues as well.  This past weekend we returned to Hershey Pa and visited “Chocolate World”, an interactive museum of sorts showcasing the making of the famous Hershey candies.  We were in Hershey a couple of weekends ago for the annual RV show.  Located just thirty-five miles north of Gettysburg, Hershey is home to not only the candy factory but to the Hershey Amusement Park, Hershey Bears ABA hockey team and the arena (still standing) where Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in a single NBA game.

We found several things very interesting.

Along with making our own chocolate bars (only cost $14 each and all I wanted to do was eat the thing) Lisa and I took a trolley through the area including visiting the Hershey School.  Mr. Hershey founded the school in honor of his late wife and because they had no children – dedicated his fortune to education.  Today all graduates in good standing are awarded an $88,000 college fund paid for by the Hershey Trust.  It is an amazing story.

Mr. Hershey had a man who worked for him who worked to invent new products and one day approached Mr. Hershey about a new candy he had developed hoping he would buy his recipe.  Hershey refused but encouraged him to continue developing it on his own – which the man did.  Years later Hershey purchased the rights to the candy for sixty million dollars.  Today it is the biggest seller in the Hershey candy line.  Hint: The man’s last name was Reese.

The Hershey Hotel is a magnificent venue that features a “Chocolate Spa” where (I suppose) you are dipped in chocolate for some type of health benefit.  Lisa and I felt we had gained weight just walking through the candy store – I can’t imagine taking a bath in it.  Nearby there is also the Hershey Gardens and a zoo.

“Chocolate World”  features a “Disney-like” slow ride that rolls through an explanation of the process in making milk chocolate.  Not bad – but the best part is it’s free and you get candy at the end.

If you are ever in the central Pennsylvania area (and especially if you have children) we highly recommend a stop in Hershey.  Just be sure and eat before you get there.



We still do not know where Lisa will be assigned next.  Thanks again for your prayers for us as we hope to know more in the next couple of weeks.  We will finish up here and move out October 26.  We have loved it here but are ready for a change.  God Bless!

Steve and Lisa


1 thought on “A Taste of Hershey

  1. I love that place. I have been there twice with the kids when they were younger and the smell made us drool like a Pavlov dog experiment. Perhaps when Lisa receives her new assignment, you’ll head out west, or down south for warm weather.

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