I See Dead People

Have you ever been far away from home and could swear you saw someone you knew but think it could not possibly be them because you are far away from home?  That has happened to me numerous times while we have been here in Gettysburg.  People’s faces that I see remind me of friends back home and some even have me doing double takes thinking they may be them. So far I have refrained from calling out a name and saving myself the inevitable embarrassment. Recently I even spotted some rather famous people.  I saw Lee Harvey Oswald walking into Hanover Hospital one day while waiting for Lisa to get off from work and yesterday Ralph Kramden waited on us at Wendy’s.

There has been a good chance we would meet up with someone we know while here in Gettysburg – being that there are so many tourists here during the summer.  But, so far I have only spotted dead people and fictitious television characters.

Maybe we have been listening to too many of those Gettysburg ghost stories.

Take care!


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