Bike Week

Bike Week in Gettysburg has arrived – loud and proud.  Over the next several days motorcycle riders from all over the country will converge upon the hills of Adams County and you can almost smell the leather in the air.  Harley riders of all shapes and sizes have rumbled into our quiet hamlet and not since Lee and Meade butted heads 149 years ago has there been this much fire power.

This must be a hot bed for Harley riders – certainly in large part because some of their bikes are made in York – just about thirty miles north east of Gettysburg.  From the first day we arrived Lisa and I have seen hundreds of motorcycle riders and this weekend is sure to draw thousands.  We wish all the riders safe travel.

RV’rs come and go here at our campground and Lisa and I are amazed at the diverse styles that made camp here.  From enormous class A motorhomes to the little pop up tent campers – everyone is enjoying their summer vacation here at Gettysburg.  We did notice one family arrive this week and set up a pop up tent camper that lacked air conditioning.  We thought the poor family would possibly die in this heat and have been keeping an eye on them to make sure they are still breathing.  Yesterday as we were leaving to take Lisa to work – we noticed the mom laying across the picnic table looking nearly dead.  I’m not sure she is going to make it.

We have a couple of chipmunks that have taken up residence around our camper.  Chip and Dale are on the lookout for food and we were told when it gets cooler they will try to get into our camper.  They are cute – but not that cute.  One morning one of them nearly ran up my pants leg trying to get away from me.  Geez!  There is also a rabbit hanging around that seems like he couldn’t care less if we like him (or her) or not.  It will not move when we walk past.  I swear it would let us pat it if we wanted.  Just sits there munching on grass and looking at us as if to say – “Shouldn’t you be taking her to work now?”

The big news yesterday in the paper was that they fixed a stop light on the outskirts of Hanover.  I’m not making this up.  The light is on the route we take to and from the hospital and it was out several days.  It would blink red on one side and yellow on the other – meaning one side stopped and the other drove like hell.  It was an adventure.  I joked to Lisa that they must have had to order the stupid part it was out so long.  Sure enough the newspaper article said they had to order the part and it just arrived on Tuesday.  I almost called OMU to see if they could help them out.  Life in a small town.

Peace – Steve and Lisa



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